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Freebie: Marketing Grader Shows How You're Doing Online 

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Want to know how you’re doing online … what to do better … and how to do it?

Free writing tools: Marketing Grader. Find out how your website, blog, social media are doing online with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #WritingTips #FreelanceWriting

Of course you do.

Marketing Grader is a free tool that analyzes your online marketing efforts – your website, blog, social media sites.

But it’s not just a print out of numbers. The report lets you know where you're succeeding, what you need to spend more time improving, and gives you action steps to do so.

It’s offered for free by the good folks over at HubSpot, Inc., a software services firm that’s focused on inbound marketing. (Inbound marketing strategies use communications to earn the reader’s attention, most often by producing content that is interesting to them, rather than telling them what should be interesting to them.)

How Marketing Grader works

When you go to the Grader’s site, you’ll see a box in which to type in your website address. Do so. Thirty seconds later, a report about your online marketing efforts pops up on your screen.

The report analyzes your website, social media strategies (Facebook, Twitter, and blogging), and analytics (how people find you online.) Your report includes both numerical grades and comments.Marketing Grader helps you understand:

  • Competitive Benchmarking: Is my marketing more or less effective than my competition?
  • Lead Generation: Are my marketing efforts generating enough leads?
  • Mobile Marketing: Is my web presence optimized for mobile devices?
  • Social Media: How effectively are we using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in our marketing?
  • Blogging: Is my blog driving results that justify the time investment, or are we wasting time doing the wrong things?
  • Overall Analysis: What are the strong points and shortcomings in our communications?

Find out why each element is important and how to improve it

What’s especially helpful about the tool is that it doesn’t simply point out where you’re succeeding or not.

Why each element is important

The report explains what each element does to generate more reader interest on the web. This is helpful because it allows you know where to invest your time and resources first.

What to do to improve it

You’re not just left hanging. Links, help videos, and resource nuggets lead you to resources to help you fix or improve each area of your online marketing mix.

Are you using your time well online? How can your copywriting be more effective? Where should you invest your writing and marketing to get more exposure on the web? If you’ve ever asked those questions, hop on over to the Grader and get started finding some answers.

If you’ve never asked those questions, you can. And it won’t cost you a thing to get some answers.

Check it out here.

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