A working copywriter shows you copywriting basics and writing techniques ... to help you learn copywriting and write better

When I started out as a copywriter, I saw that entrepreneurs, nonprofits, business owners, and even writers struggle to get their message out.

Like you, they know how to write sentences and paragraphs.

But when it comes to website copywriting or web content writing … writing a proposal … newsletter writing … writing a mission statement … blog writing … persuasive copywriting techniques to use for their business, nonprofit, or church … article writing or strategic copywriting for today’s social media or even simply writing thank you notes

It can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just don’t know where to begin with learning copywriting.

Entrepreneurs and leaders (along with newbie copywriters and even good writers) burn up a lot of time and build up a lot of frustration trying to get it right. As a result, you miss out on terrific opportunities to reach more prospects and more people.

Can you relate?

The good news about learning copywriting

Good copywriting doesn’t have to be intimidating. You don’t have to be an expert to do it well.

You can learn copywriting – even teach yourself copywriting – with a bit of writing help. All kinds of simple copywriting tips and tricks are out there: information about the writing process. Copywriting training. Copywriting resources. Even writing quotes to inspire you, a few simple writing strategies to use right away, and a copywriting formula or two thrown in for good measure …

Now they’re in one place.

Anyone can learn copywriting

You just need the right copywriting resources, some practice, and a little help from a friend.

Start here.

Copywriting Basics Persuasive Writing Copywriting Training Resume Writing
The Writing Process Writing a Proposal Free Online Writing Courses Tips on Writing a Resume
Copywriting Information: Kinds of Projects Copywriting for the Web Grant Writing Courses Writing a Business Resume
Copywriting Skills You Can Learn Good SEO Copywriting Online Writing Schools Writing Resume Objective
Get Started With Copywriting Elements Writing a Business Plan for Nonprofit Copywriting Schools of All Kinds Writing a Resume Cover Letter
Nonprofit Copywriter Blog: Easy, Practical Writing Tips and Trends
Nonprofit Copywriter Blog keeps you up-to-date with fun, practical tips and trends for writing for nonprofits.
Word Wise Newsletter: Writing Tips for Busy Leaders. Subscribe for Free!
Subscribe to Word Wise newsletter and get free writing tips for busy leaders – along with the free, 15-page e-book writing guide, 5 Shortcuts for Busy Leaders
Freelance Christian writer Kathy Widenhouse: development and nonprofit writing
Freelance Christian writer Kathy Widenhouse specializes in nonprofit writing, development writing, communications for Christian organizations, nonprofits, and churches.
Online Portfolio: Kathy Widenhouse – proofreading, editing, copywriting
Online portfolio for copywriter Kathy Widenhouse: nonprofit copywriting, nonprofit web pages, grant writing for nonprofit, appeals, brochures, newsletters, online devotionals.
Copywriting services, editing, writing for nonprofits
Copywriting services, nonprofit writing for Christian, faith-based organizations, churches: web copy, editing, grants, email campaigns, appeals, brochures, articles, grants, training materials.
Clients and Publications: Kathy Widenhouse, Nonprofit Copywriter
List of clients and writing clips. Kathy Widenhouse is a nonprofit copywriter specializing in the faith-based market.
Testimonials: freelance Christian writer, nonprofit copywriter Kathy Widenhouse
Testimonials for award-winning Christian writer Kathy Widenhouse. Nonprofit copywriter helps faith-based groups, NPOs with websites, ezines, social media.
Basic Copywriting: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?
Basic copywriting is text that persuades. It is essential to creating a following with prospects, customers, and donors.
Essential Copywriting Elements for Powerful Nonprofit Copywriting
Know the essential copywriting elements and how to make them as strong as possible: headlines, hook, body copy, subheads, call to action, response devices, the P.S.
Basics for Copywriting Headlines
Basics for copywriting headlines: frequently asked questions about writing headlines, subject lines, titles, and teasers.
Top 10 Persuasive Copywriting Techniques
Persuasive copywriting techniques are methods you use to convince a reader to buy your product or give to your cause.
Easy Copywriting Tricks Anyone Can Master
Find out a handful of copywriting tricks you can easily learn to make your writing stronger.
How to Use Power Words to Create Strong Nonprofit Copy
Power words elicit an emotional response in prospects and move them to act. Three lists of words that have impact in both print and online nonprofit copy.
What Makes for Good Christian Writing?
Good Christian writing is typified by the same elements as any good writing: organized ideas, strong mechanics, audience awareness. Its distinguishing feature is its content -- biblical truth.
Newbie Copywriting FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Newbie copywriting FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for new and emerging copywriters, small business owners, nonprofit leaders, and do-it-yourselfers.
Newbie Copywriting: 3 Appeal Letter Copywriting Formulas that Pull Gifts
Three popular copywriting formulas used in appeal letters and how they pull gifts.
What Is a Devotional?
A devotional is a unique form of Christian writing. It is a short piece of inspiration, not instruction.
Getting Started Writing a Book: What Do You Want to Know?
Getting started writing a book: what do you want to know? Take this survey.
Basics About Writing Resumes
Basics about writing resumes: what to do to get started and answers to some of your frequently asked questions.
Web Writing: How It Is Unique
The main reason web writing is different from writing for print: it all has to do with giving a web reader information he needs.
Top 10 Nonprofit Website Tips
Top ten nonprofit website tips to help give your nonprofit a solid online presence and promote your cause.
10 Commandments of Nonprofit Newsletters
Follow these 10 principles to produce effective nonprofit newsletters.
Copywriting Email: The Anatomy of a Strong Email Campaign
Basic elements to include when copywriting email to increase your chances of getting it open and read.
Nonprofit Social Media Tutorial for Newbies
This social media tutorial for newbies helps your nonprofit get launched into the world of social networking and get started using these tools to promote your cause.
What Is Free Content and Why Should I Offer It? FAQs
Free content – articles, white papers, and reports – helps you generate leads, educate your audience, build goodwill, create an archive, and cultivate partners.
The Basics about Writing Letters
No matter where you are on the scale of learning to write better, you will accelerate the process by learning more about writing letters well.
What Your Fundraising Letter Must Have
An effective fundraising letter contains certain key elements – pieces that must be included in order to accomplish its goal of persuading the reader to give.
Your Year-End Appeal Fundraising Checklist
An intentional year-end appeal plan will help you maximize the year-end giving window using a diversified marketing mix.
Donor Acknowledgement: A Fancy Way of Saying “Thank You”
Donor acknowledgement letters are a fancy term development professionals use to describe “thank you letters.”
Why Postcards Need to Be Part of Your Marketing Mix
Postcards are a simple copywriting tool that’s economical and allows you to get in front of your readers regularly.
Writing Courses: How to Choose One that’s Right for You
Writing courses let you learn a new writing skill or a new genre. Know what you want to accomplish and then find out content, venue, and format to make the best choice.
2013 Christian Writers Market Guide: Do You Need It?
The 2013 Christian Writers Market Guide is considerably thinner than past editions, likely a testament to the downturn in print publishing, the guide's primary focus.
Strategic Planning for Nonprofits: What’s It All About?
Strategic planning for nonprofits: what is it, why do it, and how making a plan can help your organization.
3 Cost-Saving Nonprofit Fundraising Tips for a Down Economy
Easy-to-use nonprofit fundraising tips to use when the economy is down to make sure your support keeps going up.
A Wise Word: Wisdom for Copywriters and Nonprofit Leaders
A wise word: wisdom for copywriters and nonprofit leaders for inspiration, motivation, writing, leading, and strategizing.
Freebies for Nonprofits: Copywriting Courses, Downloads, Webinars
The latest freebies for copywriting and running a nonprofit, including courses, webinars, and downloads
Fun, Bible-based books for girls and families
Books by Kathy Widenhouse: fun devotionals for girls, book on friendship for girls, fun activities for Christmas, fun Easter activities for families.
Contact Nonprofit Copywriter and read our privacy policy
Contact Nonprofit Copywriter with your questions and comments about writing for nonprofits and faith-based organizations. Nonprofit Copywriter’s privacy policy.

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