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Writing for Ministries Writing Community: You’re Invited to Join!

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Writing for Ministries Writing Community is a new Facebook Group. And you’re invited to join. 

Writing for Ministries writing community: join to up your game in writing for ministry #ChristianWriting #WritingTips with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter

These are writers who have expressed interest in writing for ministries or in upping their writing game in one area of ministry writing.

I got the idea to start the group when so many people contacted me and asked for coaching in freelancing or blogging for ministry. 

This group surrounds you with fellow Christian writers, bloggers, and freelancers who want to write well for ministries – whether it’s for a nonprofit, a church, a faith-based organization, a personal blog, or a book.

The group exists to …

  • Answer your questions about writing for ministries, give you feedback, and provide support.
  • Encourage you and pray for you when you get discouraged.
  • Press on to become good writers who are determined to continually raise the bar of content writing in ministry.

Join the Writing for Ministries community here.

Writing Community Ground Rules

We’ve got few ground rules so that all of us can get the most out of the Writing for Ministries writing community.

1. Be united in our goal: we’re a community committed to writing well for ministries. 

2. Share one of (3) kinds of posts. And please hashtag your posts either as #Ask #Praise or #Give

  • #Ask. Ask a question. Ask for feedback. We need each other’s advice and input in order to write for the ministries where we’ve been placed.
  • #Praise. If there is any excellence, say so. Each of us has unique gifts and insights. Acknowledge when you see something worthy of praise.
  • #Give. Give encouragement, give suggestions. Let’s be different from other groups and offer comments with grace, always with an eye to build each other up. We’re not here to tear down others, but rather raise the bar in writing for ministries.

3. No private messaging, please. We are a community.

4. No self-promotion, please. 

5. Have fun, enjoy each other, and get joy from the work we’ve been called to do.

Hop on over and join now. Here’s the link.

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