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Harness the Power of a Testimonial

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A testimonial is a quote from a client, volunteer, donor, or community partner that explains how he benefited from your work and your cause.

They are one of most cost-effective ways to raise awareness about your incredible work. Yet so many writers, solopreneurs, nonprofits and businesses don’t harness their power.

Make sure you do.

Why They are So Convincing

How to harness the power of a testimonial in your #copywriting and #ContentWriting with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #WritingTips


Different voices testify about the real ways you carry out your unique mission. A quote from a real person breathes authenticity to your audience.


They are personal. Testimonies put a name and a face (if you use photos) on your work.


One member of your audience shares firsthand experience as a beneficiary of your cause with others in your audience.

Why You May Miss Out 

  • You may not realize how powerful they can be.
  • You may not recognize a testimony when you see one, even when it falls into your lap - or you may be too busy to write it down. I'm guilty of this!  Haven’t you ever had a client who said “Thank you for helping me – you made a big difference,” and you didn’t write it down?
  • You may not have a simple, intentional system to record the good words that come your way every single day.

Why Testimonials are Easy to Collect

  • People like to be appreciated. “Wow, those were really good words about our work … do you mind if I take just a sec right now to write down what you said and use it on our website?”
  • People like to be asked their opinion. Everyone’s got one. When you solicit someone’s input, they feel special and important.
  • People like to be quoted. Who doesn’t like seeing their name in print? A person who provides good words in print feels like an expert.

(More tips for putting a system into place for collecting testimonials.)

Why You Can Use Them Everywhere

  • They’re short or long. Collect both. Edit them. Use a snippet of a long one when you don’t have much space.
  • They can stand alone or together. A testimony can open a letter or top a web page. Or, you can bunch several together in long copy or in a text box.
  • They are formal and casual. When you have a pool you can pick one with eloquent language to use in a formal ministry presentation. A short, snappy statement is perfect for a postcard.

And Best of All ...

They’re free! That makes this powerful copywriting element a very special animal in these tough economic times. Testimonials are not paid endorsements, rather heartfelt words from real people.

How to Ask for a Testimonial

  • Recognize them when they come your way.
  • Create a system to track and record them. (Try this easy 4-step plan.)
  • Add to your collection week after week and month after month.
  • Use them. And watch your organization grow!

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