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Nonprofit Website Tip: How to Get Your Website Noticed (A Primer)

Award-winning writer Kathy Widenhouse has helped hundreds of nonprofits and writers produce successful content and has gained 600K+ views for her writing tutorials. She is the author of 9 books. See more of Kathy’s content here.

Here is a valuable nonprofit website tip to help you maximize the number of visitors who click onto a page on your site:

Build traffic.

3 Ways to Help People Find Your Website and Build Traffic

How to get your website noticed with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter

1. Direct Traffic

The reader learns what your web address is and types it into her browser.

Ways to build direct traffic

  • Include your web address on all printed matter (letterhead, brochures, newsletters, annual reports)
  • Cite your web address on your organization’s voice mail message
  • List your web address on every employee’s email signature

2. Inbound Links

The reader sees a hyperlink to your site somewhere online – whether on another site, in a blog, or in an email – and is interested in learning more. He clicks on the hyperlink and is led to your site.

Ways to build numbers of inbound links

  • Exchange links with like-minded organizations
  • Post on topic-appropriate forums, message boards, and blogs about your topic and include your website address
  • Publish online articles and cite your website address
  • Start a social media page (on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn) and regularly post appropriate links to your website

3. Organic Traffic

The reader does a web search for a particular term. Your site comes up in the search engine results page (hopefully near the top – not buried on the sixth page – if your site is optimized). The reader sees the brief description about the page on your site that contains that term and clicks on your link.

Ways to build organic traffic

  • Use resources like Google’s Keyword Tool and Wordtracker to find out what terms related to your cause are most-searched online. (These terms are called your “keywords.”)
  • Strategically place your keywords on your site. Include them in your page titles, on navigation bars, in page headlines, in body content (especially in the first 80 characters), graphics ALT tags, and page descriptions. This will help “optimize” your site for the keywords important in your niche and boost your rankings on search engine results.
  • Create internal text links within your site. Write into the body copy links from one page of your site to another using your keywords.
  • Use a good copywriter skilled in SEO (search engine optimization) to help make your website attractive to the search engines. Or learn web content optimization skills on your own (check out this low-cost course.)

The Best Tip

The best nonprofit website tip for getting noticed: do an excellent job of making all three of those options attractive to readers.

  • Check your website traffic data regularly to see how your site is performing.
  • Use Google Analytics or your website’s statistical application to track how people find you on the web.
  • Work to improve your results. For instance, if only a small percentage find you through inbound links, then start posting on topic-related forums or start a Facebook page to drive more traffic to your site.

There are dozens of ways for people to find you online when you understand how web search works.

So get out there – and get noticed.

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