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The Top Online Copywriting Tip

The top online copywriting tip is simply this: write conversationally.

It’s a tip you can apply to all kinds of copywriting for the web: email, websites, blogs, social media – even sales pages.

But this writing tip is not just for online writing. A conversational style is fast becoming the norm in all types of media. 

I wondered why until I began to think about how I respond to conversational writing.

Successful Online Copywriting is Two-Way

Online Copywriting Tip: write conversationally. Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #WritingTips #ContentWriting #OnlineWriting

Maybe it sounds silly, but I like respect. I don’t like being “sold” and I don’t like being talked down to. When I read, I like to feel I’m having a two-way conversation. 

My guess is that you feel that way, too. 

It’s a mindset that’s a result of the Internet. The web has empowered readers like you and me, because we interact with others online all the time. We’ve come to expect that kind of two-way connection.

Traditional copywriting – “hard sell” written in corporate-speak or marketing-speak –  is more of a one-way experience. When you read a print ad or a direct mail letter, you can’t talk back. 

But the online experience is two-way. It allows for all kinds of interaction, like a conversation. When I read an email, a website, or a social media post, I can respond – even just to click “Like.” 

Successful Online Writing Builds a Relationship

Traditional copywriting, no matter what media, has a singular goal: writing to sell. 

When you write online, you have a different goal: you’re writing to build a relationship. When you write content this way, you share helpful information with your reader to meet her needs. You build a relationship with her and she begins to trust you. When she trusts you, she’ll respond or give or buy. Selling comes later, but relationship is central.

For me, it’s a relief to write to build a relationship. It’s authentic. It’s real. It’s genuine. It fits my personality because I like to help people, not “sell” them. 

You’ll be most successful at web writing when you foster that kind of conversational, two-way interaction with your reader. 

How to Write Conversationally

Along with the change in my mindset about writing online – the move from traditional “marketing-speak” copywriting to more conversational copywriting – I’ve learned some tips. I hope they help you. 

  • Some are tips about conversational writing techniques: ways to present your ideas conversationally.
  • Some are tips about conversational writing mechanics: how to put your words together in a conversational way. 
  • You may also want to check out Conversational Copywriting, a low-cost online course by online copywriting whiz Nick Usborne. This online copywriting resource shows you how to write your copy in a natural, authentic and conversational voice. 

But for now ...

Remember the top tip for writing online: write conversationally.

That approach allows the reader to build trust. It makes your reader feel respected and valued.

 Which is what building relationships is all about, isn’t it?

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