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Award-winning writer Kathy Widenhouse has helped hundreds of nonprofits and writers produce successful content and has gained 600K+ views for her writing tutorials. She is the author of 9 books. See more of Kathy’s content here.

Updated 12.28.2023

When I started out as a copywriter, I saw all kinds of busy people struggle to get writing projects completed.

New writers, busy writers, students, leaders, students, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, pastors … these folks have great ideas. They’re smart. They’re hardworking.

They just want to write more (or need to), but they don’t have a lot of extra time. Sound familiar? 

“There’s got to be short cuts and writing tips that I can use to help me write more,” I'd hear them say. 

Welcome to Word Wise

Kathy Widenhouse

Welcome to Word Wise. My name is Kathy Widenhouse and I am a freelance Christian writer. I produce content and copywriting for faith-based organizations and nonprofits. (You can read how I got started writing here.)

I wish this site been around when I started writing. I could have saved a whole lot of time and frustration – and produced more good writing, too.

Word Wise is filled with simple writing tips and shortcuts to simplify the writing process. My goal is to help you shorten your curve as you write blog posts, newsletters, web pages, social media posts, grant applications, resumes, cover letters, and other projects. Along the way you’ll get a good dose of encouragement from a friend.

That’s what Word Wise is all about: simple, clear writing tips to help you make the most of your time and your smarts so you can get more done.

You already know that words matter. These writing tips help you use them – and your time – wisely. Get started with the links below or on the left!

Tips for New Writers Tips for Christian Writers Tips for Writing Projects Writing Resources
Newbie Copywriting About Christian Writing Tips for Web Writing Writing Courses
Copywriting Basics Tips for Writing Devotionals Tips for Writing Resumes Books for Writers
Copywriting Elements Persuasive Writing Tips for Writing a Blog Power Words
Copywriting Formulas Tips for Nonprofit Writing Tips for Writing a Book Freebies for Writers
Word Wise Blog: Content Writing Made Easy
In Word Wise, I blog about simple, practical writing tips and writing short cuts so busy people can write more content.
Books for Writers from Kathy Widenhouse
A list of books for writers by Kathy Widenhouse.
Download Online Writing Courses and Grow as a Writer
Visit my online school and download online writing courses to help you grow as a writer.
Writing Printables that Make Content Writing Simple
Use this writing printables (guides, worksheets, templates, downloadables) to make content writing simple.
Writing for Ministries Writing Community
.The Writing for Ministries writing community is a group of writers who want to up their writing game in one area of ministry writing
Writing Resources for Freelancers, Content Writers, Bloggers
A list of writing resources for freelance writers, content writers, and bloggers – resources for developing the writing craft, building a website, email marketing, graphics.
5 Simple Writing Tips You Can Put to Use in 10 Minutes or Less
Get these 5 simple writing tips to simplify the writing process. The writing guide is yours for free!
What Is Freelance Writing? FAQs
What is freelance writing? What does a freelance writer do? And other frequently asked questions for freelancers and people who want to hire them.
The Writing Life: You Can Make a Living With Your Words
The writing life means time, flexibility, and resolve, but it can lead to freedom.
What Is Content Writing? FAQs
What is content writing? A simple explanation with Frequently Asked Questions – and the kicker you need to know about the content you write.
Basic Copywriting: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?
Basic copywriting is text that persuades. It is essential to creating a following with prospects, customers, and donors.
Understanding Writing Formulas: Why They Work and When To Use Them
Writing formulas are a proven way to write strongly. They save time and are project-specific.
The Writing Process: The Key to Writing Faster and Better
Understanding the writing process is a key to writing faster and better. Use these 5 steps.
Self-Editing Made Simple
Self-editing is an important skill for writers. There are 2 areas you can monitor quite easily: copyediting (mechanics) and the content (subject matter.) Good writing is re-writing.
10 Simple Writing Tips for Beginners (and Seasoned Writers)
Use these 10 simple writing tips for beginners to shorten your learning curve or even to polish your skills if you’re experienced.
What Makes for Good Christian Writing?
Good Christian writing is typified by the same elements as any good writing: organized ideas, strong mechanics, audience awareness. Its distinguishing feature is its content -- biblical truth.
What Is a Devotional?
A devotional is a unique form of Christian writing. It is a short piece of inspiration, not instruction.
Wise Words: Devotionals for Writers
Wise Words are devotionals for writers - short pieces of biblical inspiration. The idea is to connect truths from scripture with truths about writing.
Writing Articles: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
If you’re venturing into writing articles to produce content or to get started as a writer, here are some frequently asked questions and answers.
Getting Started Writing a Book: What Do You Want to Know?
Getting started writing a book: this super-useful, no-cost guide breaks the process down into steps.
Blog Basics: What Is a Blog … and How Does It Work?
What is a blog? Understand the basics about blogging so you can decide whether or not to build one.
Writing eBooks: Frequently Asked Questions
There are many advantages to writing eBooks. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you know whether or not to pursue this format and how to go about it.
Simple and Powerful Fundraising Letter Template: Free Download
Download this free fundraising letter template to help you writer powerful appeals in just 7 simple steps.
Copywriting Email: The Anatomy of a Strong Email Campaign
Basic elements to include when copywriting email to increase your chances of getting it open and read.
Basics for Copywriting Headlines
Basics for copywriting headlines: frequently asked questions about writing headlines, subject lines, titles, and teasers.
The Basics about Writing Letters
No matter where you are on the scale of learning to write better, you will accelerate the process by learning more about writing letters well.
10 Commandments of Nonprofit Newsletters
Follow these 10 principles to produce effective nonprofit newsletters.
Online Writing: What Makes It Unique
Online writing is any text you read on a digital device. It is unique in at least 3 ways. Check out these 3 tips for writing online.
What Is Social Media and How Should I Use It? FAQs for Writers
What is social media and how should you use it as a writer? Frequently asked questions and answers.
Harness the Power of a Testimonial
A testimonial is a quote from a client, volunteer, donor, or community partner that explains how he benefitted from your work and your cause.
4 Writing Tips for Starting a Blog or Website
Use these writing tips for starting a blog or website for less money (or nearly no money), just a bit of time, and a whole lot of less frustration.
Getting Started with Freelance Writing for Nonprofits
Use this blueprint to get your first assignments writing for nonprofits as a freelancer.
Grant Writing for Beginners: Fundamentals to Get Started Finding Grants
Grant writing for beginners: fundamentals you need to understand to help you get started in the world of writing grants.
Strategic Planning for Nonprofits: What’s It All About?
Strategic planning for nonprofits: what is it, why do it, and how making a plan can help your organization.
How to Create an Effective Business Plan for Nonprofit Organizations
An effective business plan for nonprofit organizations contains three major components: an executive summary, a needs statement, and a business strategy.
Anecdotes: Capture Your Readers With a Slice of Life
Anecdotes are a powerful tool in copywriting. How to use stories to show, not tell.
Basics About Writing Resumes
Basics about writing resumes: what to do to get started and answers to some of your frequently asked questions.
Recipe Writing Tips
Use these recipe writing tips as you write and share recipes on your blog, as a submission to a website, or with family and friends.
The Christian Writers Market Guide: Do You Need It?
The Christian Writers Market Guide is updated and published annually. It offers a terrific resource for beginning and veteran Christian writers of places to get published and how.
Top 10 Persuasive Copywriting Techniques
Persuasive copywriting techniques are methods you use to convince a reader to act.
How to Use Power Words to Create Strong Nonprofit Copy
Power words elicit an emotional response in prospects and move them to act. Three lists of words that have impact in both print and online nonprofit copy.
Writing Courses: How to Choose One that’s Right for You
Writing courses let you learn a new writing skill or a new genre. Know what you want to accomplish and then find out content, venue, and format to make the best choice.
A Wise Word: Wisdom for Copywriters and Nonprofit Leaders
A wise word: wisdom for copywriters and nonprofit leaders for inspiration, motivation, writing, leading, and strategizing.
Freebies for Nonprofits: Copywriting Courses, Downloads, Webinars
The latest freebies for copywriting and running a nonprofit, including courses, webinars, and downloads
Fun, Bible-based books for girls and families
Books by Kathy Widenhouse: fun devotionals for girls, book on friendship for girls, fun activities for Christmas, fun Easter activities for families.
Freelance Christian writer: Content Writing Made Simple
Freelance Christian writer Kathy Widenhouse helps make content writing simple for nonprofits, ministries, freelancers, content writers.
Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter is not taking submissions at this time.
Nonprofit Copywriter’s Privacy Policy
Nonprofit Copywriter’s Privacy Policy: personal information, cookies, third-party advertising, affiliate disclosures to protect your privacy.
Contact Nonprofit Copywriter and read our privacy policy
Contact Nonprofit Copywriter with your questions and comments about writing for nonprofits and faith-based organizations. Nonprofit Copywriter’s privacy policy.
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