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5 Trigger Words that Guarantee They Open the Envelope or Email

Trigger words set off a quick response in your readers because they generate urgency. Use them in email subject lines to raise open rates. Or offline, use them on a campaign’s outer envelope to get the prospect to simply open it.

If you don’t get your reader to open your email or envelope, he won’t read your appeal. If he doesn’t read your appeal, he won’t be prompted to give.

So subject lines (online) and carrier language (offline) are super-duper important.

Your reader gets a pile of mail to read every day and his inbox is crammed with too many emails.

Yours needs to stand up and scream, “Open this or you’ll regret it!”

Try these trigger words to boost your open rate, both online and off.

Trigger #1: time-sensitive

5 Trigger Words that guarantee they open the email or envelope with Nonprofit Copywriter

Example: Time-sensitive materials enclosed

Deadlines are good. You warn readers that the clock is ticking. This one is particularly useful when your content has a cut-off date … say, for your year-end campaign series or a calendar-attached event like Mother’s Day.

Trigger #2: immediately

Example: Earthquake victims are suffering. Open immediately.

This is the trigger word to use when you’ve enclosed fresh news from the field or a natural disaster update that requires high-priority attention.

Trigger #3 & 4: inside or click here

Example: How many local homeowners will have a higher tax bill? Find out inside or ...
How many local homeowners will have a higher tax bill? Click here.

Yep, grab their attention. Make them want more.

That’s a surefire way to get them to open the envelope or email.

Trigger #5: statement

Example: Your statement is enclosed.

Anything that breathes “official-dom” will get opened and reviewed. Just make sure you deliver inside the envelope or email. Include a summary of the donor’s giving, such as a year-to-date record. Naturally, offer a response device or a Donate button for their next gift, of course.

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