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Writing Powerful Key Phrases Is Easy with This One Word

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There’s one word that makes writing powerful key phrases easy.

Use the power word “easy” for writing powerful key phrases with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #WritingTips #ContentWriting #Copywriting

It’s “easy.” And it’s one of my favorite power words.

Power words are terms that arouse a reader’s feelings and move her to act. 

What kinds of feelings do you get when you read the word “easy”?

At first, you may think that using the word “easy” is a promise for those readers who are lazy and apathetic. They want to avoid work. Sure, those folks want “easy.” 

But who doesn’t? If there’s a simpler, less complicated, quicker way to do something, then I’m all for it. That’s why the word “easy” is not just for the readers who are sitting around eating bonbons all day. Have you experienced confusion and overwhelm lately? Yup, me too. We’re all surrounded with noise and hubbub that accompanies today’s barrage of information, input, and changes. 

We all need “easy.” 

If you’re like me, when you read the word “easy” you get a feeling of …

  • Relief (things don’t have to be as complicated as I thought)
  • Progress (I can accomplish something with less effort)
  • Community (I’m not alone … someone is helping me)
  • Confidence (I’m getting direction from someone who has been there)
  • Hope (there is a simpler solution)

Which is why using the word “easy” is so powerful. It’s for everybody. It’s a positive word – one that inspires and motivates.  I like to think of it as a special tidbit of grace I can weave into my content.

A Caveat to Writing Powerful Key Phrases that Use “Easy” 

Having said that, before we look at all the different ways you can use “easy,” let me share a caveat.

If you promise “easy” in your headline, in your hook, in your call to action, in your social media post … well, you better deliver. 

That is, when you say it’s going to be easy but then it’s complicated, you’ll lose your reader’s trust. Like any other power word, you must use it when you mean what you say. So, when you write “easy,” you must be truthful.

Writing Powerful Key Phrases the Easy Way

Use “easy” when you can. Or you can use these other words that are similar to “easy” – synonyms that are specific to your situation that give more clarity.

Just remember that what you write must be truly obvious, straightforward, simple, and uncomplicated for your readers … 

So you’re easy to believe next time, too.

Ways To Write "Easy"

  • A cinch
  • A piece of cake
  • A snap
  • Accessible
  • Basic
  • Child’s play
  • Comfortable
  • Effortless
  • Kids’ stuff
  • Manageable
  • No problem
  • No sweat
  • Not difficult
  • Nothing to it
  • Obvious
  • Painless
  • Plain
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Smooth
  • Straightforward
  • Trouble free
  • Uncomplicated
  • Undemanding

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