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10 Nonprofit Buzz Words With Staying Power

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Updated 3.8.24

Buzz words are key phrases that are in vogue. They’re the words you hear bandied about and you think, “I like that!” or “I should use that word and then people will think I know what I’m talking about.”

Put another way, they're a trend in vocabulary. They’re like the latest fashion, except instead of wearing it, you say it. These tidbits of “insider lingo” are niche-specific. People begin using them in a particular subculture before they become part of the general vocabulary.

10 nonprofit buzz words with staying power with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #WritingTips #WritingforNonprofits #FreelanceWriting

Nonprofit Words to Make Sure You Use

There’s great comfort in the fact that buzz words need not be avoided at all costs. It’s not a bad thing to keep up with the language around you.

In fact, when writing for nonprofits it’s an excellent idea to draw upon words that have been proven to work repeatedly over time. (Incidentally, the word “proven” is a wonderful copywriting buzzword but didn’t make our nonprofit list.)

What Gives These Words Staying Power?

  • They work.
  • They’re short. (Have you ever noticed how longer words may sound smarter, but when you think about what they mean you’re confused?) All except one are 8 letters or under. And the one exception, “partnership,” can actually be shortened to its root word, “partner,” and follow the 8-letters-or-under-rule.
  • They’re simple. People understand them.
  • They’re about relationship. Without exception, these words speak to interaction between people, whether they address gratitude or working together or urgency. People give to people. People like hearing about people.

10 Nonprofit Words With Staying Power











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