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What to Write in Your Welcome Email to New Subscribers

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Ping! Another subscriber notification pops into your box. What kind of welcome email did that new reader just receive from you?

A welcome email is the first email a new subscriber receives from you after opting in to your email list or in requesting your lead magnet. You can set up the email as an auto responder in your email list manager so that every new subscriber receives this email automatically once he has joined your list.

Some list managers require you to create your own auto responders. Others offer welcome text already loaded into a prepared auto responder. No matter the case, make sure you take the time to customize yours. This is a wonderful opportunity to greet new readers personally and let them know you’re glad they’re a part of your community.

What to Include in Your Welcome Email

What to write in your welcome email to newsletter subscribers. #WritingTips with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter

The trick is to keep your email as short as possible yet still include vital information … all in a warm, friendly tone. Include as many of these elements as you can.

1. Say thank you!

Tell the subscriber you appreciate the trust they’re giving you. Thank them for their interest in your cause and welcome them as the newest member of your “family.”

2. Remind them who you are

Repeat your mission in 10 words or less as a way of orienting the subscriber, such as “We help feed at-risk children in our community.”

3. Give the link to your freebie

If your opt-in offer included a free report or e-book, now is the time and place to give the subscriber the link so she can download it.

4. Tell them what to expect

Explain how often he’ll receive emails from you (“look for our ENews to appear in your box twice a month”), what emails will include (“we’ll share news and stories about how we are ensuring good nutrition for at-risk children in our community”), and why the publication is valuable to him (“you’ll get all the latest low-cost and no-cost opportunities for groceries and food.”)

5. Refer to your privacy policy

Include a link to your privacy policy and extra assurance that you won’t sell or trade their email address to anyone else.

6. Explain how to "white list" your domain

After all the trouble you’ve taken to acquire new subscribers, the last thing you want it to end up in dozens of junk mail inboxes. Give them your domain and general email address and tell them to add these to their email white lists as “safe senders.”

7. Promote your social channels

Offer links to your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Facebook profiles and encourage subscribers to join the conversation.

8. Ask for input

Tell your new subscriber that you consider her a partner and you look forward to her feedback on articles, ideas about what to offer in your publication, observations about your nonprofit, and comments.

9. Include a P.S.

This is a good place to ask readers to take one step towards getting involved with you. Use your P.S. to share links to your website or social media sites, encourage subscribers to forward your information to a friend, or invite them to become a volunteer.

What Not to Include in Your Welcome Email

Don’t ask for a gift. As your relationship continues, you will have plenty of other opportunities invite readers to partner financially with you. For now, simply connect your subscriber to your organization and let him know he is appreciated and welcomed.

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