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Powerful Content: Ask This Question to Get It and Guarantee It

Powerful content. Every article, blog, website, and promotion needs it. You can get it by asking questions like …

  • “Will you help me understand your mission?”
  • “Will you help me understand what’s going well in the ministry – and what isn’t?”
  • “Will you help me understand what you want supporters to know?”

“Will you help me understand?”

Ask this question to get powerful content - Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter

It’s one of the best questions I’ve learned to ask ministry directors, partners, clients, supporters in meetings – even celebrities during interviews – as I prepare to write articles and promotions. The result gives you unusually strong information about your nonprofit that supporters will want to know.

It's courteous

“Will you help me understand?” indicates choice. You’re asking the subject for permission – a big deal. Manners earn points, whereas pushiness alienates people. Plus, “Will you help me understand?” is an invitation for a more substantive response than a simple “yes” or “no.” It paves the way to a deeper conversation.

It shows respect

By asking, “Will you help me understand?” you admit you don’t have all the answers. You’re asking for help . . . literally. Respecting a person’s experience and seeking out his point of view elicits empathy. You become human. It cultivates your relationship and opens the door to sharing.

It elicits transparency

People are lonely. They feel isolated and are hungry to be understood, especially when they labor hard for a cause. “Will you help me understand?” gives leaders, workers, volunteers and ministry beneficiaries the opportunity to peel away their outer layers and reveal themselves. By asking “Will you help me understand?” you create a trusting environment for them . . . and you get a front row peek inside their minds and hearts.

Ask, “Will you help me understand?” and you’ll get more than facts and statistics. You’ll get a story with heart. And that’s guaranteed powerful content.

Use it wisely.

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