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Content Ideas to Build Your Audience and Your List

There are all kinds of content ideas you can use to reach new prospects and cultivate your current donors. 

7 content ideas for content writing to build your audience and your list with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter

And by content, I mean anything you write and publish on any channel: your website, blog, social media, email, print ...

Readers don’t want to hear from you only when you want money. Nor do you want a reader who only gives you money. (OK, a giving donor is a good thing ... but let’s not stop there.) By all means, don't let every piece you produce be a direct ask for gifts.

Content-rich communications in your newsletters, e-zines, letters, self-mailers, brochures, and on your web site appeal to readers. Content builds your mailing list, cultivate your readers, and boosts good will among your supporters.

You’ll also find that quality content - 

  • turns prospects into donors
  • turns donors into advocates

This list of content ideas helps you identify ways to engage prospects with your niche and your cause. You'll educate and inspire them. Use it to generate an endless supply of fresh content for your nonprofit.

Content ideas to build your list

  • How-tos. If your organization works with youth, give readers tips about how to talk to teenagers. If you’re involved in community health services for the elderly, explain how to help someone learn to use a walker or a cane. How-to information meets a practical need in your readers, and they’ll be indebted to you.
  • Lists. “What to look for when choosing a day care center.” “Five warning signs of a heart attack.” “What to say when a friend is pregnant.” Share practical information about topics related to your cause. Readers appreciate expertise – plus, you’ll generate a more educated audience. (Tips for writing listicles.)
  • Profiles. Tell the story of a person impacted by your services. Use pictures. Explain the “before” and “after” and how this person’s life has change for the better. Readers want to be inspired with success stories.
  • Quizzes. “Are you missionary material?’ “How do your listening skills measure up?” Use an interactive multiple-choice format with self- evaluation tools to get your readers involved.
  • Product reviews. Feature books, videos, program manuals and music that speak to your cause. Show readers where to purchase these products ... hopefully, through your web site as an affiliate marketer.
  • Interviews. Share insights from a leader in your field, using a Q & A format. (Interview questions to ask.)
  • Surveys and petitions. Direct your readers to your web site or an added link to get their feedback on topics relating to your mission. Or encourage them to fill out and send an online or print petition about an issue that will help your cause.

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