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3 Cost-Saving Nonprofit Fundraising Tips for an Uncertain Economy

Easy and cheap: those words are gold when it comes to writing during times of upheaval, whether it's nonprofit fundraising tips or promoting your biz or building an online following.

Chances are during uncertain economic times, you’ve had to whittle down your communications budget. Promotion departments pull back. Solopreneurs trim budgets to the bone. People expect a “disappearing act” from nonprofits and businesses alike. 

Don’t be like everyone else! It’s absolutely urgent that you keep yourself in front of your readers.

“But I’ve hardly got any budget,” you protest. Never fear. Sure, it will take a little bit more imagination. But it’s all a question of knowing how to focus your time and resources.

Just a few writing tips can work wonders. Here are three ways to get going and stay going strong.

3 #WritingTips to stick to in uncertain times with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #nonprofits #solopreneur

3 Nonprofit Fundraising Tips to Take to the Bank

#1. Stay on Message

When times are uncertain, people cut back on their giving and spending on things that matter less to them.  They buy what they need and table "wants." They focus on causes they believe in. 

Now is not the time to vacillate about what you know your group does really well and try to do too much.

  • Target your core.
  • Give your bedrock customers and supporters good reason to stick with you.
  • Remind them about who you are.
  • Drill home the unique products you provide and work you do.
  • Show why your products are vital and why clients desperately need you.
  • Remind readers that your products and services meet an urgent need that is met nowhere else.

To do that you’ll need to …

#2. Cultivate Upbeat Messages

Doom and gloom – that’s what fills airwaves, mailboxes, and in-boxes. Don’t jump on that band wagon. 

Instead, tell stories about lives that are changing because of your amazing ministry or your specialized service. Point out how your products and services make a difference. Show your supporters how their partnership is making an impact. Thank them for standing with you! People are starving for any tidbit of good news. Give them a boatload and they’ll stay on board with you.

The cheapest and easiest way to do that is to …

#3. Invest in Online Messaging

Now is the time to build or strengthen your digital presence. It’s less expensive than print, especially with professional templates built into so many platforms, like Constant Contact's do-it-yourself email campaign templates.

  • Learn to update your website on your own.
  • Create and send out regular email newsletters. 
  • Connect with your stakeholders through regular email updates, a blog, and social media.
  • Send personal emails to major supporters
  • Make solid Asks in all your electronic communications.

Keep your target core audience informed and excited about what you’re doing. Show them you’re serious about your cause and that you’re staying at the front of the pack by being current.

Then, when you ask for their support, they’ll know you continue to be an outstanding investment.

3 writing tips for nonprofit fundraising in a down economy with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter

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