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Blog Writing Template: How One Blogger Writes 5 Quality Posts a Week 

Author and speaker Michael Hyatt uses a simple blog writing template to churn out quality posts five days a week.

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He fell into blogging by accident - literally. He broke his leg and during his recovery, he started a blog which eventually shifted his then-editorial career in a whole new direction. 

Michael will be the first to tell you that regular, frequent posting is one key to building a blog. Yet how do bloggers consistently produce quality posts with so much else on their plates? I love to write new posts. But when I don’t have a plan, then what was once fun becomes sheer drudgery. Soon, I’m posting less and less. Weeks go by and I’m in a rut.

During his blog writing journey, Michael figured out a template – a type of formula – to use that allows him to write blog posts faster. (You can read more of Michael’s wisdom in his best-selling book, Platform. But I digress.)

His template is simple and engages readers. 

It follows “The Rule of Three,” in which three is a cornerstone structure for written material. For instance, you learned to write a three-point essay in language arts class. Pastors use a 3-point outline for sermons. You see “The Rule of Three” principle in storytelling from “The Three Little Pigs” to “The Three Musketeers.”

There’s a good reason: the human mind is proficient at processing information in patterns. Three is the smallest number by which we can organize information in our minds. Writing a blog post is so much easier using this 3-part structure.

That’s what I love about Michael’s template: it gives me a plan. I can use his plan to stage a self-ordered blog writing intervention. 

Simple 3-Part Blog Writing Template

1. Opening Paragraph

Get right to the premise of your post. State your point. (If you struggle to determine the main idea of your piece, try these tips.)

You can use the rest of your post to make your case, but if you don’t capture your readers right away with something interesting, then they won’t read your post. Michael personalizes his premise. People like stories about other people. In particular, he says, people like reading how other people have overcome their failures or problems.

As in relieving boredom while recovering from a broken leg by starting a blog.

2. Main Body

Here’s where you make the case for the premise of your post.

  • Make the body of the blog post easy to read.
  • Use bullets, lists, and lots of white space.
  • Add an image to your posts – but make sure the image is relevant to the post topic. 

3. Closing Question

Michael ends each post with a discussion question. “I want to start a conversation,” he explains. This way, readers are encouraged to comment, particularly when your premise or personal story or one element of the post strikes a chord. The discussion question serves as a call to action. 

Do you have a blog writing template or formula? Share in the Comments.

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