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Free E-book: Press Releases Made Easy

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Press releases (also called news releases or press statements) are written or recorded communications used to announce a piece of newsworthy information, such as a product launch, new program, organization expansion, event, award, financial data, or personnel change. 

They are a foundational tool in any writer or leader’s communications arsenal and a key promotional device in public relations.

The new press release

Press Releases Made Easy

But with the rise of the internet and social media, the traditional press release channels have shifted, much to the intimidation of writers and leaders.

Never fear.  Enter Press Releases Made Easy, a free e-book from Jennifer Mattern and our friends at Pro Business Writer. It explains why you don’t need to spend big bucks on press release distribution online and how you can write your own well-formatted press release and get it in front of the right eyes.

This free, 20-page e-book is packed with all kinds of practical information about how to produce a well-written, properly targeted press release including …

  • The 3-part formula for a perfect press release
  • A side-by-side comparison of the “old school” and “new school” press release
  • Ten features to include in a press release and how to write them
  • How to chose press release distribution channels
  • Five ways to measure press release results
  • A sample press release template
  • A list of more than 20 press release distribution services and additional resources

In the past, news releases have been directed at the media, providing them with basic information needed to develop a story. The media then announces the news content from the release to its readers. Now the internet enables you, the writer, to publish a release to reach a niche’s target audience, too. Online releases can create back links to your site, increase exposure, and build traffic – if handled well.

You can do so. Check out the free e-book when you get ready to write your next press release.

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