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The Book Manuscript:
One Small Part at a Time

An online devotional for writers

A Word From The Word

All the parts, though many, form one body. (1 Corinthians 12:12, AMP)

A Word For Writers

The Book Contract: a devotional for writers based on 1 Corinthians 12:12 with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter

I opened the envelope and stared in disbelief. It was a book contract!

After I jigged and boogied my happy dance, I read the fine print. The manuscript deadline was in less than 4 months. 


I was a new writer. It had been less than a year since my first article was published - one that clocked in at just 1,000 words and had taken me weeks to write.  Added to my inexperience were the responsibilities of a husband, two young children and a full-time job, and I did what any writer (young or experienced) would do.

I panicked. There was no way I could finish the manuscript in that amount of time.

Then I noticed a handwritten note at the bottom of the cover letter.

"Keep it modular," the editor had scrawled.  The book - a manual for the children's event -  would be structured in small how-to sections, rather than as a narrative story.

"Small parts" meant I could write one little section at a time. "How-to segments" meant I could write each small part in a linear, step-by-step approach.  If I wrote a bit at a time, those small pieces would add up to the whole book.

So that's what I did. And I finished the manuscript on time.

One paragraph, added to others, makes an article. One blog post, added with others, builds a website. One chapter, added to others, makes a book.

Any writing project can be divided into parts. I need only to write one small part at a time.

It's a principle from scripture that applies across life: different parts make a whole. And it's a principle that has helped me every day as I tackle writing projects big and small.

A Wise Word for Writers

Any writing project can be divided into small parts.

A Word to Pray

Loving Father,

Show me how to divide a project into small parts. Help me write just one part at a time and write it well.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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