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The Simplest, Best Copywriting Tip

Writing – or at least writing copy – is not glamorous.

Good writers are packagers. They work really hard to produce an effective, clean piece.

However, simplicity comes naturally to very few. Good writers are either born that way (hardly any) or learn how to get that way (most).

Best copywriting tip: keep it simple. Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter

The good news is that clean writing is a skill that can be learned.

Bottom line: the best way to write clean copy is to keep it simple. 

If you write complicated or glutted copy, then you either haven’t thought about what you really want to say (go back and figure it out) or you’re trying to impress someone rather than communicate with him (not good because you’re not doing your job).

Top tips to keep it simple

  • Focus on one idea at a time.
  • Get to the point (don’t try to butter up your reader).
  • Use shorter words rather than longer.
  • Use fewer words.
  • Write short sentences.
  • Use bullets and lists.

Less can be more. See how simple good writing can be?

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