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Writing Devotionals That Stick

A Step-By-Step Guide for Writing This Unique Genre for Today's Busy Readers

If you’re reading a page about writing devotionals, there’s a good chance you want to share with people how you have seen God move. You want to inspire them and give them hope. 

Writing Devotionals That Stick by Kathy Widenhouse

That’s great! And there’s a book designed to help you do exactly that.

Writing Devotionals That Stick is a writing guide that shows you step-by-step how to identify a truth about God from your daily life and write it in a format that will stick with today’s busy readers.  (Get an excerpt here.)

How to Write for This Unique Genre

Devotionals are a unique genre – a short piece of biblical inspiration wrapped in an illustration with a takeaway. And they are everywhere, both written and spoken: online, in your inbox, on your iPhone, in books –  even at the start of meetings, retreats, and seminars.

It is precisely their length that make devotionals so powerful for today’s on-the-go readers. A good devotional gives your reader a snippet to mull over. It stays with the reader. She’ll think about it in the grocery line. He’ll mull it over when walking to the coffee break room.

When you give readers good stuff for their spiritual “hard drive” – stuff that sticks – their minds will call it back up during the day or as they need it.

A Practical Writing Guide for Christian Writers – and Those Who Want To Be  

Leaders, entrepreneurs, students, moms, professionals, writers, and many others who want to share their experiences with God have learned to write sticky devotionals by using the principles found in this writing guide.

Anybody can write a devotional. That’s the beauty of writing them … yet also a danger.

Because they don’t always stick.

Yours can.

How sad it would be to be called to write devotionals, but have little understanding how to do so. Or to write down those experiences, but miss the impact you might have because you didn’t know a few simple ways to make them stick.

But if you use this writing guide, you won’t miss out on that opportunity. The steps are quite simple. They have been used to create hundreds of devotionals that stick to readers. Each chapter offers you a new insight, principle, or tip to use as you write. Practice them and you’ll improve your ability to write devotionals that stick and help others grow.

Get started now.

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