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Publishing a Newsletter? Use This Top Writing Tip for Success

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Over decades of publishing a newsletter, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Fortunately, I’ve learned a few things, too. And one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned – one that has given me the biggest success – is quite simple.

It’s this: publish consistently. That is, on a regular schedule.


Why does publishing a newsletter consistently matter?

A fascinating, cutting edge, flashy newsletter with all the bells and whistles: it’s a publication dream that captures my imagination. But a consistent newsletter? That sounds downright boring.

Yet the truth is this: publishing a newsletter has better chance of success when you’re reliable, stable, steady, and dependable because …

Consistent publishing reveals your purpose

A steady stream of content is quite the opposite of a flash in the pan or a half-hearted attempt. When you’re serious about your message, product, or cause, you want to get others on board. That sense of purpose drives the most successful content creators. Consistent publishing shows readers – and confirms to yourself – that you believe in what you’re doing.

Consistent publishing develops your expertise

The more you write about a topic, the more proficient you become. You uncover different sub-topics. You stay on top of latest research and trends. You follow other thinkers in the same niche. Write and publish enough content about a subject and you’ll be seen as a credible authority in that field – because you become one.

Consistent publishing builds your traffic

The best email newsletters offer article teasers with links to the full post. Readers click through. Not all of them, of course, but enough. That means every time to send, you will see a boost in traffic to your website or blog.

Consistent publishing cultivates loyal readers

Readers don’t read for your benefit. They read for their benefit. They are looking for answers and solutions to their problems.

When you consistently provide those answers and solutions, readers turn back to you again and again. “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust,” says National Speaker Association Hall of Famer Bob Burg

Consistent publishing saves you time

If you only publish sporadically, then every time you send you need to relearn SEO strategies, formatting, and editing. But when you repeat a task over and over, those tasks become second nature. You become more efficient.

How often should you publish a newsletter?

There’s no right answer to this question. Some marketers send a newsletter every day. Others send one a month or even once a quarter. Plenty of factors contribute to your decision about newsletter frequency, including they type of niche you’re in, the kind of content you send (informational versus promotional), and your content writing plan to manage the schedule.

The best schedule is one you can stick with. Start with a frequency you can manage, even if it’s just monthly. You’ll get better and faster and can adjust along the way. The main issue: be consistent.

Use this Content Calendar to create a regular publishing schedule.

Is there any reason to put off publishing a newsletter on schedule?

Life happens: a sick child, a family emergency, an unplanned trip. You will face days when you cannot publish a newsletter on schedule. The temptation may be to create shoddy, thin content, throw it into your template, and hit “Send.” 

Don’t. You’ll lose trust with your readers and self-respect from your side of the computer. Instead, try two tactics:

  1. Plan and schedule your newsletter a few weeks in advance to allow for the unexpected.
  2. Send a quick newsletter that says, “I’ll be back when my daughter has recovered from the flu.” Then make sure you do what you promise.

Consistency is long term

“Getting an audience is HARD. Sustaining an audience is HARD,” says American singer-songwriter and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Bruce Springsteen. “It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” Springsteen’s consistency has led to 20 Grammy Awards and 140 million record sales worldwide.

Publishing a newsletter with consistency may not lead you become an international superstar. But it will build your business. Choose a schedule and stick with it. You’ll be gratified with the results.

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