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Just Take A Step: A Devotional Bible Study for the Busy and Overwhelmed

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Just Take A Step is a devotional Bible study that has a very personal back story. (You can download a free chapter here.)

Just Take A Step: Devotional Bible study for the busy and overwhelmed at Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #ChristianWriting #BibleStudies

When I was invited to speak at a women’s retreat on the theme of walking with God, I had a long inner wrestling match. Yes, I regularly seek direction from God. Yes, I find He speaks to me through His Word, prayer, circumstances, other people, and a host of other means.  

But I believe that because I desperately want to walk closely with God throughout the day – and struggle to do so – that He used my retreat preparation to help me go deeper. He led me to study the life of Lydia in Acts 16. (Get a free sample chapter here.)

A Devotional Bible Study for the Busy and Overwhelmed

It's easy to get busy, distracted, and overwhelmed. You beat yourself up and then focus on what you don’t do.

Just Take A Step points out what you can do. Each of the eight chapters of this devotional Bible study walk you through Lydia’s story in Acts 16 like this:

  • A Step into the Word: the scripture basis for the chapter 
  • A Step into Understanding: a short narrative that explains the kind of step Lydia took 
  • A Step of Truth: a summary of that step
  • A Step Deeper: additional questions for Bible study and discussion 
  • A Step of Prayer: a prayer you can personalize 
  • My Next Step: a place to note the next step God prompts you to take

You can use Just Take a Step individually or with a group. You can read and study each chapter in sequence or in any order. Each can stand alone. You can read bits and pieces of a chapter and then come back to it later – or you can read it in one sitting. You can use this book as a jumpstart to your walk with God and again periodically as a self-check.You can record your responses and ideas so that you can refer to this study over and over during different seasons of your life as you walk with God. 

It’s a Bible study guide you’ll return to over and over to cut through distraction and overwhelm to just take a step to walk with God … and see how He moves in your life.

I hope you’ll check it out. Let me know what you think!

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