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Your Two Cents: How Your Social Media Comments Can Build Traffic 

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You can build traffic to your website or blog by posting social media comments. And no, you needn’t write sickly-sweet atta-boys or nasty troll swipes. And you needn’t post milquetoast no-brainers, either.

Instead, you can write helpful, positive comments. Comments that are sincere and add value. Comments that pull in the kind of followers you want. Comments that drive traffic to your site because they offer useful information.

Information that you’ve already got on your site.

Your Two Cents: how your #SocialMediaComments can build traffic to your site with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #WritingTips #contentmarketing

Two-cent social media comments

In conversation, the phrase “my two cents” implies a small bit of information or opinion that you offer humbly and politely. Your two cents doesn’t diminish others’ input. You simply offer a smidgen of help.

On social media, the principle is the same. As you follow relevant sites in your niche, you’ll see readers ask questions. Clearly, they are looking for answers. In response, you can drop a comment (your “two cents”) onto those posts – comments that are more information than opinion. With my comments, I often include a link to a relevant post on my site.  

This method has some distinct advantages for you as you build your audience and build traffic.

But before I explain the whys and wherefores, let me give credit where credit is due. The Two Cent Technique is a variation of Gary Vaynerchuck’s $1.80 strategy for Instagram. In his approach, Gary follows 10 hashtags relevant to his brand. Each day, he leaves personal comments on the top nine trending Instagram posts for those hashtags. Ten hashtags times nine trending posts equals 90 comments. Multiply that two cents each and you can see where he gets the $1.80 moniker. 

Gary uses his strategy on Instagram. But it works on pretty much any social media channel. And while commenting every day builds exposure methodically, you can also post social media comments less systematically and still create a strong following.

What two-cent social media comments do for you

Your two-cent social media comments accomplish a couple of things.

First, readers in your niche follow the same sites as you do. As they see your posts, they begin to recognize your name. Rather than just a simple, “Yes, I agree, Joe,” they notice that your comments are friendly, helpful, and intelligent. You build value into the conversation.

Second, your two-cent comments drive traffic to your site, not only from name recognition but also thanks to your helpful links

For instance, perhaps you are an avid quilter. You own an online quilting business. You create quilting patterns that you sell on your website. Naturally, you follow the ten largest quilting social media sites and you’re a member of several social media groups for quilters. 

So when a discussion comes up one of the sites about best combination of colors to use in a Log Cabin design, you’re primed. You’ve written several posts on your site about the Log Cabin pattern, including special tips to create a Barn Raising set using Log Cabin. Not only are you able to comment on the thread, but you also drop in a link to one of your pages so readers can learn more.

What happens then? Members of the group read your post … and then several click on the link to your page. A few will read a contextual link that explains a much-needed product and they’ll hop on over to that affiliate link to make a purchase, which makes you some money. Some readers will find your site so enticing that they’ll opt-in to your freebie, “Nine-Patch Patterns You Can’t Live Without,” and you’ll gain new subscribers.

A few extra tips for writing social media comments

  • Check site rules before you comment. Some groups ask you to follow certain procedures when commenting. Others don’t allow you to share links. Be a mindful online community member.
  • Be sure to drop your Two-Cent Comments using the social media account under which you want to build an audience. 
  • If your comments can support a relevant hashtag or two, by all means use them.

When you post helpful information, you do more than “just comment.” Your small tidbit of information can help other readers. It draws you into your niche’s online community. And your comments allow you to acquire traffic … and long-term fans. 

Just by adding your two cents.

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