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How to Write a Simple Marketing Postcard

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When you know how to write a simple marketing postcard, you can use the content for both print and online promotions.

How to write a marketing postcard with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #FreelanceWriting #Copywriting #ContentWriting

Heads up: a marketing postcard is different from a postcard you send Grandma from the beach. And it’s different from a response device – an insert included in a direct mail or fundraising packet which the reader uses to place an order, give a gift, or register for a follow up contact. 

A marketing postcard is a direct marketing tool you use for a special campaign, offer, reminder, or promotion. (21 Ways You Can Use Postcards in Your Marketing Mix.)

Postcards are inexpensive to print and send, costing much less than a direct mail letter. Plus, more readers will see the content. How can they miss it? They don’t need to open an envelope. The postcard stares at you when you flip through your mail from the mailbox.

Speaking of content – a marketing postcard's content can do double duty both in print and online. It’s short, and we all know that social media posts thrive on brevity.

Here’s how to write a simple marketing postcard.

How to Write a Simple Marketing Postcard: 5 Quick Writing Tips

1. Choose One Purpose for Your Postcard

Before you write one word of content for your postcard, answer this question: why are you sending it? Choose ONE purpose for your campaign. That purpose can be for any number of things, such as to …

  • Launch a new product
  • Offer a coupon or discount to increase sales
  • Remind readers to respond by a certain date
  • Announce a grand opening
  • Invite readers to an event

2. Identify the Call to Action

Look at the reason you’re sending the postcard. Then figure out what you want your reader to do when he receives it. Be clear in your mind what you want to tell the reader to do. Perhaps you want him to …

  • Place an order
  • Visit your website
  • RSVP for an event
  • Make a phone call
  • Attend your opening
  • Become a fan on your social media site

3. Write a Headline with a Benefit

What benefit will your reader gain when she completes your call to action? How does your offer give her a special advantage, value, or help? Make sure your headline offers a benefit to the reader. Here are some examples:

  • Save 50% with your order (Benefit: save money)
  • We’re Opening a New Store Near You and You’re Invited (Benefits: convenience, exclusivity)
  • Give by December 31 to Get Tax Deduction (Benefits: feel good, save money)

4. Write Short Content. REALLY Short.

Don’t try to pack your postcard with too much information or try to explain too much – like why you’re having the sale or what was the idea that sparked the event. Instead, just stick to the purpose of the postcard: your offer and your call to action.

Marketing exec Daniel Kehrer gives this advice: “Pretend that every word you write is costing you an extra $100.” 

5. Use Both Sides

  • One side of the postcard acts like a poster. Use high-quality images and your headline or offer.
  • One side leaves room for the address, your contact information, and your call to action.

Extra Ways to Leverage Your Postcard

  • Print in full color
  • Use oversized postcards – they will stand out in the mailbox
  • Send your postcard to arrive in mailboxes at the appropriate time in your campaign

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