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Try These 5 Proven Headline Formulas

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Some writers argue against using headline formulas, saying they are too predictable.

5 headline formulas to use in content writing and copywriting with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter. #WritingTips for #FreelanceWriters and #ContentWriters

But there’s a good reason why master copywriters use certain headline formulas over and over: they work.

A good headline draws in the reader by showcasing a benefit – something that helps the prospect, meets one of his needs, or interests him, such as –

  • a solution to a problem
  • an answer
  • a key
  • a way out
  • a curiosity
  • a route to take that will make life better
  • something urgently needed
  • something desperately wanted

5 Proven Headline Formulas

The How-To headline

This formula benefits the reader by offering a practical, step-by-step solution to a problem. For this formula to work, make sure your body copy delivers the goods.

Example: How to write headlines that guarantee you’ll be read

The Question

This formula benefits the reader by raising curiosity about your reader’s problem. Your question implies there’s a solution in the content. For this formula to work, make sure you provide one in the body of the piece.

Example: Are you sure your headline works?

The News Item

This formula benefits the reader by angling a nugget of new or unusual information about your reader’s problem.

When he bites, he’ll find more detail in the text.

Example: Why 5 times as many people read the headline over the body copy

The Command

This formula benefits the reader by challenging the reader with a concrete action step (a Call To Action) they can take to fix their problem. Command formulas use a strong, second person verb.

Example: Try these 5 proven headline formulas

The Testimonial

This formula benefits the reader by building trust.

A beneficiary, donor, or celebrity gives credibility to your product or service by speaking from experience, explaining how you provided an answer to his problem.


“These 5 tried-and-true headlines doubled my open rate!”

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