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Review: Conversational Copywriting - an Online Copywriting Course

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A whole course about writing conversationally?

That was my first thought when I heard about Conversational Copywriting, Nick Usborne’s online writing course. Especially since I’ve been writing online for well over a decade.

But that didn’t take into account getting tips from one of today’s online writing gurus – writing tips I’d be able to use the very day I’d learned them. 

Nick’s got the experience. He understands online writing and its future, but might blush if you call him a visionary. And he knows how to explain this particular kind of writing to other writers in a way that we can use right away.

Yep, I liked it. And don’t let the course’s price or its length fool you. It may be a low-cost, short-form course (less than 2 hours of lectures in total), but it’s a quick way to build a high value skill as a writer.

What I Love About This Course

  • Helpful, organized content. Nick explained what writing conversationally is and why it is fast becoming the norm not just online but in print content, too. That background led to sections on mastering the craft of conversational copywriting and how to apply it to real-life assignments.
  • Examples. They’re sprinkle throughout the course in images, screenshots, and in text that is pulled right off actual websites.  Particularly helpful: the side-by-side examples traditional copywriting compared with conversational examples. 
  • Exercises. Section 4 explains the core elements of conversational writing. Each module in that section has an exercise to help you practice the principle. Nick used actual examples from the web and showed how they were not conversational in style. He gave hints as to how to rewrite these examples to make them more conversational and engaging for web readers.
  • Short modules. They range from 5 minutes to 15 minutes long. That means I could listen to a couple of lectures if I had a longer block of time and just one if I only had a short window.
  • Extras. You have lifetime access to the course so you can log on anytime, take it again, or review specific lectures. Plus, Nick continues to add content. As he receives questions from students about the course, he answers them in extra video modules. So even when you’re done taking the course, you can keep learning more about conversational copywriting. And you can send in your questions, too.

What I'd Like to See In Conversational Copywriting

  • Downloadable exercises. It would be great to have the exercises formatted on a PDF or downloadable Word document that I can save. True, the exercise were short – just a couple dozen words. I copied them and worked on them on my legal pad. You could do the same by cutting and pasting into on an open screen on your computer, too. But a dedicated document would make it easier.
  • Feedback. I realize that the course is set up as a series of lectures, but I’d love to have the chance to show Nick (or another student) my exercises and get some comments.

On the other hand, I found I was able to put the course’s writing tips into practice right away – on the very next web pages and social media posts and blog entries I wrote.

That’s a quick, affordable outcome … particularly since this writing style is the future.

So I’d say I got an awesome deal.

Learn more about Nick's Conversational Copywriting course and get a free guide to conversational copywriting.

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