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Ebook Writing Tips: What’s the Best Book Word Count for eBooks? 

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Book word count is one of the first questions to ask when you’re considering writing an eBook.

How long should your eBook be? 

Short answer: it depends.

eBooks are Shorter Than Print Books (in General)

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Here’s some good news: your eBook need not be as long as a print book.

True –  there are 1000-page eBooks out there. Even so, the trend is shorter eBooks are over traditional print books for a few reasons.

First, thanks to the internet, anyone can publish an eBook on their own. A publishing house contract is no longer needed to get your book in print.  

And electronic publishing is c-h-e-a-p: no printing presses, no paper, and no storefronts required. Negligible overhead and virtually zero product storage have fostered a veritable haven for do-it-yourselfers. The proliferation of eBooks has given rise to a micro-industry of electronic self-publishing software, solopreneur editing and formatting services, and distribution channels, making publication accessible to more writers.

Then there’s readers to consider. More readers own e-reader devices. More devices = more readers = more eBooks. 

As more eBooks move into circulation, readers have come to expect them to cost less than print books – hence shorter books and more book series. Plus, shorter attention spans and eyestrain from luminous screens mean readers stay with a book for abbreviated periods.

Which means shorter eBooks.

eBooks Can Be Any Length 

Book length varies according to genre, but a print non-fiction book length averages 50,000 words and commercial fiction averages 80,000 – 110,000 words.

An eBook, on the other hand, can be any length. Really.

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing,  a key distribution channel for eBooks, does not broadcast word count rules but rather focuses on content quality and presentation. A tiny caveat: in the past, Amazon removed eBooks (apart from children’s books) that were shorter than 2,500 words. So you may not want to tempt fate on the short-short-short end of the scale.

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eBook Length is Measured in Word Count, Not Page Count

Even with the wiggle room allowed by eBooks, authors follow commonly-accepted book word count norms:

  • Kindle Singles (short-format eBooks): 5,000 – 30,000 words
  • Short Stories: 5,000+ words
  • Nonfiction: 10,000+ words
  • Novels: 50,000+ words

Why not just measure by page count? Because eBook page turns vary per device. Kindle pages display more content than your iPhone screen, for instance. That’s why a location in an eBook is measured by lines, rather than pages.

Which creates a bit of a dilemma if you plan to publish your eBook in print, too. 

Here’s where Amazon and other publishing gurus use a simple formula to estimate the number of pages your book will be, whether it’s an electronic version or print version. The baseline is, of course, the book word count.

  • eBook length estimate: 250 words per page
  • Print book length estimate: eBook page estimate + 20-30% (the extra allowing for the trim).

So ... How Long Does Your eBook Need to Be?

It’s helpful to have guidelines, but average is just that: average. In the end, write as many words as you need to write in order to cover your topic and be useful to the reader.

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