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The Niche: Could a Sci-Fi Writer Teach Me to Write for the Christian Market?

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A Word From The Word

You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses.  (2 Timothy 2:2, NLT)

A Word For Writers

I wanted to learn to write for the Christian market.

The Niche: how basic writing skills cross over genres to the Christian market and vice versa with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #ChristianWritingResources #FreelanceWriting #WritingTips

But before I drilled down into a niche, I needed writing experience. So I enrolled in an introductory course to learn the basics about how to write articles.

Lou was my first writing instructor. He was a technical writer who churned out sci-fi in his spare time. 

Could this work? 

Although Lou knew next to nothing about writing for the Christian market, he had plenty of experience in writing for publication.

He understood how to teach fundamentals that I needed to know like …

  • Brainstorming topics for articles
  • Choosing a saleable idea from the list
  • Identifying a slant for an article
  • Conducting research to prepare to write an article
  • Crafting a compelling hook for an article
  • Organizing the body of an article
  • Creating a conclusion with a twist
  • Writing a good query letter 
  • Working professionally with an editor

Under Lou’s guidance, I sold my first articles to print publications in ...

Yep. The Christian market.

Basic biblical truths, Paul wrote to Timothy, are transferable across cultures and generations. 

In the same way, basic writing skills transfer across niches.

A Wise Word

Basic writing skills transfer across niches.

A Word To Pray

Gracious Father,

Quality writing is needed everywhere. Thank you for skilled writers in all niches. Give me an open heart and inquiring mind that always seeks to learn what they can teach me. As I have opportunity, let me be generous to share what I know with other writers, too.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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