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The 20-Minute Blogger: Take a Writing Course That Saves Time 

Award-winning writer Kathy Widenhouse has helped hundreds of nonprofits and writers produce successful content and has gained 600K+ views for her writing tutorials. She is the author of 9 books. See more of Kathy’s content here.

Do you have 20 minutes? Then you take a writing course that teaches you to build your blog, even if you are starved for extra time. 

(You can also buy The 20-Minute Blogger as an eBook or paperback.)

The 20-Minute Blogger: take a writing course that helps you use your time well with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #Blogging #WritingCourses

A blog is a powerful way to reach more users and build your business. But like many writers, once you’ve started a blog you may struggle to sustain it and consistently add posts. You get frustrated and discouraged because you know you’re missing out on this opportunity to reach more readers. 

The main problem, most bloggers say, is time. They don’t have time to blog consistently.

Take a Writing Course That Saves Time and Builds Traffic

This course gives you practical steps to take to add posts consistently to your blog and build your site content in just 20 minutes a day. By the time you complete this  course, you will have…

  • Created a pool of your own ideas for blog posts
  • Mastered  a simple blueprint to use to write winning blog posts
  • Learned how to use short bursts of time – like 20 minutes – to write new content day after day, week after week.

But you won’t just talk about becoming a 20-Minute Blogger. In this course, you’ll put this simple material into practice. By the end of the course you’ll have the draft for a new blog post to publish on your blog.

And you can do it in just 20 minutes at a time.

Take a Writing Course at Your Own Pace

The course content is about 65 minutes long (see more here). You can go at your own pace. You decide when you start and when you finish. You can get started blogging just 20 minutes at a time.

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like and across all your devices.

The course includes a downloadable workbook, blogging task checklist, and a resource guide. In addition, you’ll get a free bonus module, Why Build Your Blog, that helps you identify your unique reasons to build a blog that builds your business.

Here’s what you cover in The 20-Minute Blogger.

Intro: The 20-Minute Blogger

Module 1: Choose Your 20 Minutes
Module 2: Process Your Ideas

  • Lesson 1: Keep Track of Your Ideas
  • Lesson 2: Create Your Reader Profile
  • Lesson 3: Identify Your Reader’s Wants and Needs
  • Lesson 4: Choose One Idea

Module 3: Write Your Post

  • Lesson 1: Write the Opening Paragraph
  • Lesson 2: Write the Main Body
  • Lesson 3: Write the Call to Action
  • Lesson 4: Edit Your Post

Module 4: Publish Your Post 

  • Lesson 1: Create Graphics
  • Lesson 2: Load Your Post
  • Lesson 3: Publish Your Post
  • Lesson 4: Allot Time to Publish

Summary: You’re a 20-Minute Blogger
Bonus Module: Why Build Your Blog


  • The 20-Minute Blogger Workbook
  • The 20-Minute Blogger Task Checklist
  • The 20-Minute Blogger Resource Guide
  • Why Build Your Blog Guide

Take a Writing Course That Gets Results

I wrote The 20-Minute Blogger after I learned to write in bursts. I’ve used this approach to build three of my own blogs and build my business.

You don’t need to just talk about blogging. You can learn from my mistakes and missteps. You can become a 20-Minute Blogger, too.

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