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Getting Started Writing Devotionals: A Free Mini-Course

Award-winning writer Kathy Widenhouse has helped hundreds of nonprofits and writers produce successful content and has gained 600K+ views for her writing tutorials. She is the author of 9 books. See more of Kathy’s content here.

Use this mini-course, Getting Started Writing Devotionals, and in less than an hour you’ll be writing your own devotional. And you can enroll in this mini-course for FREE.

Getting Started Writing Devotionals mini-course with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #ChristianWritingResources

I created the course for several reasons. First, devotionals are growing in popularity. So many writers tell me they want to write and publish their own devotionals.

But many are uncertain where to begin ... and how to write their life lessons in a way that is helpful and inspiring to others. The process can be intimidating. What should you include? What should you leave out? Is there a special format to follow?

Get the Simple Blueprint to Write this Short Content Form

Getting Started Writing Devotionals gives you a blueprint to personalize and follow as you write devotionals. You will be able to follow this blueprint no matter what life lesson you want to share with your readers.

In the course you will learn:

  • What a devotional is (and isn't)
  • What to write in each of a devotional's three parts
  • A super-useful self-check tool that gives you confidence that your devotional is well-written and inspiring for your reader.

By the time you complete this mini-course, you'll be confident about how a devotional is structured and ready to write your own devotional.

And the course is FREE. Enroll here.

What People are Saying

"Thank you for this course. You have provided tangible and solid instructions. I have a weekly devotional that I send out that is audience specific. I look forward to improving the quality of the devotionals for my audience." Michele S.

"Awesome thanks! Simple, sweet and on point. Definitely use the take away tips." As K.

"Well done! Thank you for making this available. I write books, articles, and posts, but never considered devotionals. Now I can ." Lynn B.

"Thanks so much for this mini course, I have already begun writing devotionals and feel i am on the right track." Sophie T.

"This was fun and informative. You gave some good direction on getting started on writing devotionals. I'm looking forward to trying this out in a deeper, more professional way. Thanks so much for this mini-course Kathy!" Wanda S.

The course is FREE. Enroll here.

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