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God & Me! 3: Fun, Interactive Devotionals for Girls Ages 10-12 

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My editor asked me to write a book of fun devotionals for girls at just the right time in my life. 

God & Me! 3 ages 10-12: a fun, interactive devotional for girls from Kathy Widenhouse #ChristianWriting #devotionals

My daughter had only recently emerged from her preteen years. I had seen her struggles in learning to know God and could tell she wanted to please God. She wanted to live His way. Yet she was making friends her own age, pulled between own uncertainties and her desire to be accepted by her peers.

Honestly, aren’t we all?

In writing this book I saw a fantastic opportunity to speak truth into the lives of preteen girls – the truth about living God’s way. That’s why I decided to base it on The 10 Commandments. 

I wanted girls to see how the 10 Commandments relate to their life and to their relationships with others, especially during the time of transition to becoming a teenager. Yes, she can be loyal to others, she can put God first, she can honor her parents, she can be honest … not in a goody-goody way, but in an authentic way. If girls can understand that God’s ways work – with real life examples that they can understand – then girls can embrace those ways in their daily lives.

I knew that God & Me! 3 (ages 10-12) would be part of a series of devotionals for girls, but didn’t know then that the book and series would become an iParenting media award winner and part of a best-selling series. 

How God & Me! 3 is Set Up

God & Me! 3 ages 10-12: devotionals for girls is an iParenting media award winner

The book helps preteen girls grow closer to God by getting in the habit of doing daily devotionals. There are more than 100 devos in the book. Each one is based on a key Bible verse, followed by a short devotional or story that shows that the Bible principle looks like in a girl’s life. Then she has the chance to think about the idea by applying it to her life and pray about it.

Each devo also includes a fun activity to reinforce the point, including crafts, drawing, cool projects, Bible puzzles, word searches, quizzes – even recipes. 

Top 3 Reasons Girls Like This Book

It's just for girls

The book shows girls that their struggles are real and there are practical answers to important girl issues, like friendship, gossip, and serving.

It’s fun and interactive

The book features fun crafts, journaling space, and activities that girls love. It’s got a colorful, magazine-style format that’s easy to follow.

It's relatable

The book shows girls that they’re not alone. 

Different Editions of the Book

God & Me! 3 (Ages 10-12) was first published by Legacy Press, a publishing house which was later purchased by Rose Publishing. The book was re-released under the RoseKidz imprint in 2016. It’s part of the award-winning God & Me! series of children devotionals. 

One of my favorite reviews from says, “My daughter reminds me daily when it is time for us to do this! Need I say more!”

Well, that’s awesome. What an encouragement!

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