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Write These 5 Kinds of Facebook Posts for Nonprofits and Small Biz

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The most effective Facebook posts create dialogue with readers. 

So ...what makes Facebook posts for nonprofits or small biz different from posts to your own personal page?

Tips for writing 5 kinds of Facebook posts with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter

People have a following on their personal pages. Their friends want to know what’s going on in their lives.

When it comes to your organization, you have the opportunity to build that same kind of connection with readers.

Perhaps your cause resonates with her. Maybe she liked a post you wrote. For some reason, she wants to be associated with you. She clicks “Like” to your post because she relates to what you write or identifies with the content.

Good Facebook posts give her the chance to interact with you. You become a friend and someone who cares.

What kinds of posts help you achieve that connection with readers?

5 Types of Facebook Posts that Work

Readers “like” your page when you –

1. Give great information

Share short facts and statistics that are helpful to readers. Be on top of news and trends – readers want to know things in advance or at the least be on the forefront of a trend. This allows them to be the “sharer” of information with others. Include a link to a page on your website where they can get more information. (Here's a helpful formula for social media copywriting.)

A good information post might read, “Did you know that …?”

2. Solicit their opinion

Ask readers to share what they think or invite them to post a comment. Just make sure that the question relates to the work you’re doing or the cause you support.

Ask a question like, “Tell us one way you plan to celebrate by giving this holiday season.”

3. Inspire them

People want to be encouraged and have hope. Give it to them! Tell a short, short story of what’s happening to one of your beneficiaries. Keep the summary to 2-3 lines or less. This provides the opportunity for readers to comment on your work and gives them a chance to spread the word about what you’re doing.

An example of an inspirational post: “Lives can turn around. Kayla has been coming to our after-school program for just 8 weeks. Her math scores have already improved by 2 letter grades!”

4. Post a word of encouragement or affirmation

Brag about your partners and supporters. Post their photos. Add testimonials to your page.

Try this:  “We have the best volunteers in the world! Last Saturday, they gathered at …”

5. Announce an event in a non-promotional way

You allow readers to get involved and involve others. Use posts and invitation pages to include your readers in events.

“Runners in the Seattle, WA area: you may not have heard about our 5K race on November 5. Great fun, prizes, refreshments. Learn more …”

More Tips for Facebook Posts for Nonprofits, Small Biz

  • Keep posts short – 5 lines at most. One to two lines is better.
  • Comment. Join like-minded pages. Be a part of the Facebook community by writing comments or clicking “like” to what others say.
  • Use images. (Here is a helpful tutorial on simple graphics and copywriting.)
  • Post often – at least daily (but don’t be a pest). The more you post, the more you’ll appear on your network’s feed and touch lots of people. Post at different times during the day.
  • Explain the benefits of “Liking” your page: great information, breaking news, special offers, promoting a great cause, transforming lives.

10 Tips for Writing a Good Social Media Post: a Checklist

Facebook posts are so appealing, easy, fun, and cheap. Yet it’s easy to make a big, big, BIG mistake with Facebook posts for nonprofits (or any small biz) …

The Biggest Mistake to Avoid with Facebook Posts

Biggest mistake? Thinking your posts are for promotion.

By that I mean that all your Facebook posts direct readers to give or do something for you.

Social media doesn’t operate that way. Promotion is an outcome of having a Facebook page, but it’s not the main purpose. When you’re on Facebook, you’re part of a community. You’re there to help others and interact with them.

It’s called “social” media, for good reason. It’s not just about you. It’s about all of us.

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