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Why You Should Write an eBook: 5 Reasons to Consider It

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An eBook is an “electronic book.” 

Why should you write an eBook? Because they’re everywhere – and with good reason.

eBooks are a remarkably efficient and flexible way to get your message out to readers and build your readership.

What’s particularly encouraging is what they help you to avoid, which is the laborious process of traditional publishing.

When you write an eBook, you can sidestep publishing gatekeepers, literary agents, query letters, editors, the slush pile, rejection letter after rejection letter …

And what’s even more exciting is what eBooks allow you to do. 

5 great reasons why you should write an eBook with Word Wise at Nonprofit Copywriter #WritingTips #FreelanceWriting

Why You Should Write an eBook: 5 Reasons to Consider It

1. eBooks Let You Get Published

Used to be that to write a book, you had to convince a publishing house to give you a book contract.

Not anymore. Thanks to technology, anyone can become a published author. You can write an eBook and produce it in a PDF, ePUB or .mobi format – or all three – suitable to read on all kinds of devices (computer, tablet, eReader, or cell phone) for all kinds of readers. Costs are minimal to zero, which make it possible for more people than ever before to write an eBook. Plus, you can update an eBook and fix typos with the click of a mouse. (Check out these Writing eBooks FAQs.)

2. eBooks Establish Your Expertise

A published book – print or electronic – gives you credibility as an authority in your niche, whether your field is crocheting afghans or  atomic physics. When you write a book, whether it’s in print or bytes, then more people trust your competency. They are more likely to hire you, recommend you, follow you, or purchase your product. 

3. eBooks Can Be Short or Long

While eBooks are generally shorter than traditional print books, an eBook can be any length. Write your eBook the length it needs to be in order to cover your topic and be useful to the reader. (More about how long an eBook should be.)

4. eBooks are Easy to Distribute

  • Your eBook has a worldwide audience
  • You can sell it online through retail e-book stores through Kindle (KDP), Kobo, NookPress, iTunes Connect, Smashwords, BookBaby, or Draft 2Digital
  • You can offer your eBook online as a link and automate delivery
  • You can sell your eBook as an information product on ClickBank
  • You can convert your eBook to print and sell it as a secondary print-on-demand product

Check out a simple book writing plan that's fillable and re-usable.

5. eBooks Give You Independence

When you write an eBook and publish it yourself, you bypass many of the roadblocks to publication and maintain control of your content. You can give it away as an incentive or it can become one of your writing income streams. 

You may not get rich. Then again, you might. 

But you’ll definitely get your book out of your head and onto the screen and you’ll get your book into the hands of the readers.

Which is what you want to do, right?

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