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Testimonials: What People Say About Kathy Widenhouse

Freelance Christian Writer and Nonprofit Copywriter

Award-winning writer Kathy Widenhouse has helped hundreds of nonprofits and writers produce successful content and has gained 600K+ views for her writing tutorials. She is the author of 9 books. See more of Kathy’s content here.

“Kathy, let me say it again: you are absolutely a godsend … you are so integral to what we’re doing at Birthmothers. Thank you, thank you!”
Jim Wright,
Founder & President
Birthmother Ministries, Inc.

“Kathy, thank you for the excellent work you did for us in writing the Partnership Ministries profiles. We will definitely keep you in mind for future projects.”
Mawii Pudaite
, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President
Bibles for the World

“Kathy has created professional, timely and valuable tools to promote our organization. She consistently works to incorporate our changes, ideas and needs. Her creativity and enthusiasm for our projects is outstanding — she’ll take an idea and research the concept to construct a thorough and informative package every time.”
Melissa Poole, Board of Directors
Gray’s Field Foundation, Inc.

“It means a lot to have your wonderful work on our shelves!”
Nancy Monts-Rayfield

County (SC) Library

“When I contacted Kathy Widenhouse for assistance with my project, I was immediately impressed by her thorough and extensive knowledge about what was needed. The outcome was a professional product of the highest caliber. With each step along the way, Kathy has been terrific. Her excellent writing talents are coupled with honesty, intelligence and encouragement. Kathy’s prompt, professional and positive approach makes it easy to recommend her to anyone desiring a job well done!”
Sharon Winton,
“The President’s Own,” U.S. Marine Band
, D.C.

“We’re using The Un-Santa Book for our church’s annual Christmas children’s event. Many ideas from this easy-to-use guide will help our planning. Thank you for a great resource!”
Cindi Wilmot,
Mother of six
Sales manager and consultant

“Wow! The Christian Girl’s Guide to Friendship – what a wonderful book! The approach is excellent. The book covers all the aspects of friendship that a pre-teen girl encounters -- even guy friendships. Very smart!”
Prudence Walz, teacher
Baltimore (MD) City Public Schools

“The finished product was a tight, cohesive document that accurately and positively conveyed my entire professional life, and made me look highly attractive to potential employers. Kathy worked with me in a most sensitive and positive manner. I sincerely recommend her services.”
James Dickey, Bowie, MD

“Kathy did a beautiful job coming up with unique ideas for The Un-Bunny Book. The presentation is perfect!”
Joanie Kilmon, Head Librarian
County (MD) Library

The Christian Girl’s Guide to Friendship is full of helpful suggestions! It has fun activities and crafts that preteens love to do. Plus, it’s biblically based, and right on target.”
Donna Troxel, teacher
Christian Academy, Silver Spring, MD

“For years I’d avoided facing the reality that I needed a web presence — the hassle of writing and creating a site put me off. When I finally realized that I needed one for my business to grow, Kathy led me every step of the way. She pointed out all the assets I offer to clients — many I was even unaware of. Her writing clearly tells my clients what I offer and why they should come to me for their needs. And with Kathy’s help, it was easy.”
Kurt Widenhouse
Kurt Widenhouse Violins

“The quizzes, FAQs and fun things to make in The Christian Girl’s Guide to Friendship are very appealing to young girls. Young ladies will enjoy this book which is packed with advice and activities. And parents will appreciate having a reliable source of information for their daughters. This book is wonderful!”
Robbie McGaughran
Librarian and mother of 3 girls

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