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[Word Wise] Use This Handy Checklist for Writing Powerful Headlines
June 29, 2016

Volume 12, Number 14: Issue #122 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: The 4 U’s – A Handy Checklist for Writing Powerful Headlines

Writing powerful headlines is an essential skill for any writer. Y

It’s the headline that pulls readers in.  Which means your headline needs to capture the reader’s attention. How can you check yourself to make sure your headline is doing a good job?

The 4 U’s, developed by copywriting master and success coach Michael Masterson, is a quick self-check you can use when writing powerful headlines, evaluating your headlines and improve them.

  1. Useful: how does the headline help the reader?
    Write a useful headline by showing benefits. How will what follows help the reader, relieve a problem, answer a question, provide a solution? Show what’s in it for him.
  2. Urgent: how does the headline move the reader to act?
    An urgent headline moves the reader to act sooner than later. You can accomplish this by providing time frame or deadline in your headline. Or reference a particular stress, pressure, or acute need that the reader feels.
  3. Unique: how does the headline surprise the reader?
    A unique headline is a surprise. It grabs the reader’s attention with a shocking fact, unusual statement, special piece of information, or distinctive slant.
  4. Ultra-Specific: how does the headline give details to the reader?
    An ultra-specific headline is big on details. It can include numbers, indicate steps, identify an explicit or exclusive piece of information, or offer a specialized slant.  

Read more tips about writing powerful headlines) with the 4 U’s as a self-check… and get more writing tips for headlines on our Writing Headlines Pinterest board.

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More Tips for Writing Powerful Headlines

More Tips for Writing Powerful Headlines

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