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[Word Wise] What’s a Listicle and How Do I Write One?
April 25, 2016

Writing Tips for Leaders and Faith-Based Writers

Volume 12, Number 8: Issue #116 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: What’s a Listicle … and How Do I Write One?

List + Article = Listicle (prounced list-ick-kuhl, like “popsicle.”)

It’s a catchall phrase for any article in list form.

Listicles are popular for lots of reasons: they are fun to read, easy to write, offer practical or unusual information, and are sharable – which is especially important online.

It’s the structure that makes them unique: it’s a numbered list. Each item on the list makes a separate pint. The number of items is announced in the headline. For example: 7 Tips for Summer-Weary Moms .

But that same structure that makes the format unique can be its downfall. For writers, it can be tempting to use a numbered list as a crutch ... and your list-article is tedious or hackneyed.

It needn’t be so.

The most urgent writing tip for a listicle is this: write a fun headline. You need to find a special twist or unique approach for your content and then indicate that slant in the headline. At all costs avoid writing a trite or predictable headline, like this one:

5 Tips for Writing Better Articles

Snore. Isn’t this more interesting?

Avoid These 5 Article-Writing Pitfalls at Your Peril

Or what about this one?

5 Boredom-Busting Tips for Overhauling Your Articles

Once you have a headline with a twist … (read the full article here).

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