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[Word Wise] How Web Writing Is Different from Print – and Free Telesummit
October 16, 2013

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Volume 9, Number 9 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: How Web Writing Is Different From Print

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Web readers and print readers have different needs. To be effective, your writing must meet those needs.

Web readers look for information. They seek out your site to get the information they need. Print readers, on the other hand, need to be hooked. They don’t seek you out. Give a web reader the information he is looking for and he will come back to your site or your social media page again and again.

Web readers scan. A prospect may read print content thoroughly, but a web visitor skims. Format your web pages with lots of white space, bulleted lists, and simple language to make reading your site easy for him to read.

Web readers need simplicity. Prospects that hold a print piece in their hands look for substance. Web users want information quickly. As you write and format content for the web, remember that web users are impatient. Guide them with clear navigation, subheads that provide an outline of the page, and plenty of contextual links so they know where to go next to get another piece of information they’re looking for.

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Finally . . . A Wise Word

"It is perfectly okay to write garbage, as long as you edit brilliantly."
C. J. Cherryh (b. 1942), science fiction and fantasy writer

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