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[Word Wise] How to Write a FAQ Page
May 19, 2016

Writing Tips for Busy Leaders

Volume 12, Number 10: Issue #118 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: How to Write a FAQs Page

FAQs – the acronym for Frequently Asked Questions – are a list of questions and corresponding answers that address basic issues about a topic, your product, service, website, or organization. This is an opportunity for you to give your reader a quick synopsis of what you do in a way he can understand easily.

Write helpful FAQs using these writing tips.

Q. What kinds of questions should I include on my FAQs page?
A. Include two kinds of questions.

  1. Basic information that you want readers to know.
  2. Questions do you get most often from readers. What confuses them? What requests do they make? What do they need to understand better?
Q. What kind of structure should I use as I write questions and answers?
A. List your question, followed by a quick summary answer, followed by a deeper explanation and instructions if necessary. Remember – your goal is to answer your reader’s questions, not confuse her!

Q. How many questions should I include in my FAQs list?
A. Write 6-10 questions and answers per web page. If you have more questions to answer than that, organize them into two or more topics and write multiple FAQs pages.

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