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[Word Wise] 3 Writing Projects to Get Done in January
January 23, 2013

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Volume 9, Number 1 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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Feature: 3 Nonprofit Writing Projects to Get Done in January

You'd think with the year-end giving season behind you that come January, you could step back from writing for a few weeks.


Make sure you take care of these 3 writing projects before January 31.

  1. Year-end contribution summary letters. Tax season is here. Gotta keep that 501 (c) (3) status. But even more importantly, you want your donors to know how much you appreciated their support last year. Tell them in a year-end summary letter.
  2. Annual membership drive. The beginning of a new calendar year is the perfect time to invite current donors to become systematic partners, either with a "get-the-year-started" gift or through a monthly, automatic, electronic giving. Make sure you know what that invitation must have.
  3. One-year strategic plan. Have a map for the coming year which answers 3 questions: Where are we now? Where are we going? How will we get there? (Read what to include in this year's strategic plan.)
You still have time left in January to stay on track with your writing projects in 2013. Press on!

Fun (and Helpful) Nonprofit Tips and Trends

2013 Nonprofit Marketing Trends

Image: Nonprofit Marketing Guide

  • The #1 goal among nonprofits is acquiring new donors
  • 48% cite their biggest communications challenge is lack of time to produce quality content
  • Only 3 in 10 have a clear, written communications plan for 2013
  • 75% send email campaigns at least monthly

More on Strategic Planning for Nonprofits ...

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Finally … A Wise Word

"Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it's an ad."

Howard Gossage (1917-1969)

American advertising innovator

That’s it for now. See you next time

Until then ... happy writing!

Kathy with Nonprofit Copywriter
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