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[Word Wise] How to Write a Good Cover Letter
April 06, 2016

Writing Tips for Leaders and Faith-Based Writers

Volume 12, Number 7: Issue #115 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: How to Write a Good Cover Letter – a Step-By-Step Writing Guide

Writing a good cover letter isn’t as hard as it seems.

But just because writing a cover letter is a simple, you have to resist the temptation to be careless or even sloppy with it. Your cover letter is a communication with a prospective employer. It is a task in which first impressions count … big time.

Follow these easy writing tips for each step to help you write a good cover letter.

  1. Heading. Insert your contact information, the date, and the employer’s name, title, and contact information
  2. Salutation. Address the letter to a specific individual.
  3. Opening paragraph. Introduce yourself to the prospective employer.
  4. Body (1-3 paragraphs). Connect your strengths to the prospective employer’s needs. But be wise with your words. At this writing, 70% online job applications are processed using Applicant Tracking Systems, which scan cover letters and resumes for position-specific key phrases and keywords to move applicants to the next stage in the recruitment process. The keywords you choose are important. Use language or keywords from the employer’s job posting or website to show you’ve done your homework.
  5. Closing paragraph. Clearly state the next step, indicate what enclosures you’ve included, and say thank you.
  6. Signature. Sign off respectfully.

Get more details for each step in the full writing guide for writing a good cover letter … and check out more tips for writing cover letters on our Writing Letters Pinterest board.

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