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[Word Wise] It’s All About ACTION! Writing Tips for Using Action Words in Your Resume
March 23, 2016

Writing Tips for Leaders and Faith-Based Writers

Volume 12, Number 6: Issue #114 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: It’s All About ACTION! Writing Tips for Using Action Words in Your Resume

Your resume should be energetic and vigorous. You can produce that kind of content when you use strong action verbs.

  • Action verbs describe what you do
    The strongest verbs reflect activity that others can see. Notice the difference between the two examples below. An employer might not get excited to read that you “conceptualized” (first example) but he will sit up and take note that you “created” a strategy.
  • Action verbs are specific
    Specificity is upbeat and demonstrates productivity. Use the most specific verb that you can in order to reflect positive results. Notice the contrast between “changed” (less specific) and “updated and simplified” (more specific) in these two examples. Specific verbs lend themselves to include further details.
  • Action verbs show results, not just duties
    Use verbs to show outcomes, not responsibilities. Outcomes reflect results. In these two examples, see how “responsible” merely lists a duty while “created” and “implemented” demonstrate action and results.
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