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[Word Wise] 3 Simple Tips for Writing Better Web Pages
February 11, 2016

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Volume 12, Number 3: Issue #111 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: 3 Simple Tips for Writing Better Web Pages

Think about how you read web pages. You’re usually looking for information, right?

Take this page, for instance. You’ve been promised three tips. Right about now, you’re scrolling down to skim for those three points. If they intrigue you, you’ll read more. 

A good web writer considers how to help her reader get what she came for when she comes to a website.

  1. Place Important Information First

    Also known as inverted pyramid writing, this approach is used by writers and journalists in traditional media. Translation to writing web pages: summarize your page’s content somewhere in the first 100 words – preferably in the first 50 words. Do this by using keywords.

  2. Use White Space

    Web readers skim. They don’t read word for word. Forget what you learned in English class about presenting ideas in 3-sentence paragraphs.  Eliminate extra words and jargon. Write short sentences and paragraphs. Use bullet points.

  3. Include Internal Links.

    Internal links (that is, links to other pages on your website) allow your reader to find related content on your site. Links also help search engines to crawl your site – a good thing to gain you more traffic.

Get more details about each of these 3 simple tips for writing better web pages … and check out more tips on our Writing Web Copy Pinterest board.

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