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[Word Wise] Pre-Writing Step 3: Identify Your Target Reader Before You Write
August 11, 2015

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Volume 11, Number 8: Issue #100 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: Pre-Writing Step 3: Identify Your Target Reader Before You Write

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What to Write Before You Write, Part 3

Do you want to write faster, clearer, and get more projects done? Pre-writing is the key.

The first two pre-writing steps for any writing project are to identify your goal for the project and choose the channel you’ll write for (because the channel determines the style you’ll write in.)

Before you write, you also need to identify your reader.

Think about it: don’t you talk differently with a first grader than you talk with a 35-year-old attorney or a 50-something empty nester or a teen mom?

You write differently to them, too. Good writing is packaged for the reader.

Write down specifics about your intended audience. Create a composite profile of your project’s target reader by asking:

  • What is the reader’s gender? Age? Job? Income? Marital status? Level of education? Interests?
  • What are her needs? What does she want? What does she care about? What hurts her? What makes her happy?
When you have a composite portrait of your target reader, you can frame your writing to that person.

Look for more simple pre-writing tips in the next issue of Word Wise.

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