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[Word Wise] Pre-Writing Step 2: Which Writing Channel Is Right for Your Project?
July 30, 2015

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Volume 11, Number 7 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: Pre-Writing Step 2: Choose a Writing Channel for Your Project

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Do you want to write faster, clearer, and get more projects done? Pre-writing is the key.

In the last issue, you read how to take the first pre-writing step in any writing project: identify your goal for the project.

Your next step is to identify your writing channel. A writing channel is the medium you choose.

It’s a simple choice – but an important one. You can use similar content from project to project. But the tone and format you use differs between writing channels. For instance …

  • Social media posts are short, engaging, to the point and even pithy.
  • Web content uses bullets and a lot of white space.
  • A grant application must present a problem, a solution, and a case.
  • An article has an introduction with a summary sentence, supporting points (with plenty of examples, facts, and details), and a conclusion.
  • An appeal letter or direct mail piece grabs the reader’s attention, creates interest and desire for the reader to take an action, and then gives the reader a clear call to action with a way to respond.
Research papers, brochures, , case statements, devotionals, white papers cover letters, resumes, donor acknowledgements … in each case, you can use similar content (information.) But each channel uses a different format and tone.

What kind of project are you planning to write?

Choose one channel to start with, even if you plan to repurpose your content for other projects. Your choice will define how long your piece will be, the format it will take, and the tone you use.

Know what channel you’re writing for before you begin to write. You’ll save time and you’ll write a better piece.

Look for more simple pre-writing tips in the next issue of Word Wise.

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