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[Word Wise] Create a Writing Plan to Get Your Project DONE in 2016
December 29, 2015

Write Better. Right Away.

Volume 11, Number 16: Issue #108 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: Create a Writing Plan to Get Your Project DONE

Once you know what your book will be about, how you will publish it, and how you will structure it, all you need to do is write it.  You need a writing plan.

The new year is a great time to create one!

Book Writing Help Step 7: Create a Writing Plan to Get Your Project DONE

A plan is simply a series of steps. Your writing plan can be as simple or as detailed as you like. It’s up to you to decide … but decide you must.

When you put together a list of small, measurable tasks to accomplish one by one, you have a writing plan. Work your plan and soon you’ll have a book manuscript.

Start with Your Chapter Plan

Review your chapter plan. Break down each chapter into a list of ordered steps according to the chapter’s main point and the content you want to include in the chapter. (If you cannot do this, then go back to Step #6 and work on your book outline and chapter plan until you can.) For example …

Chapter Title
Main concept
     Point A
     Point B
     Point C
     And so on …
Wrap up
Lead in to Chapter 2
By writing down steps – a series of “writing assignments” – you stay focused. The step-by-step approach is particularly helpful when you have only a short amount of time to write each day, such as 30 minutes.

Get more help creating a writing plan … and check out more tips for writing a book on our Pinterest board.

Stay tuned for more book writing help in the next issue of Word Wise.

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