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[Word Wise] Email Copywriting Quick Fix: 3 Steps to Increase Your Email Open Rate
March 28, 2014

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Volume 10, Number 5 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: Email Copywriting Quick Fix: 3 Steps to Increase Your Email Open Rate

Unless a subject line does its job, there’s no point in sending the email at all. Because if you can’t get the reader to open the email, he won’t read it.

Three Tips to Help Your Readers Click “Open”

  1. Send from a recognizable “From” name. When possible, send from an individual’s name, rather than the name of an organization. Readers are more likely to open and read an email if they recognize the sender’s name or address. (And make sure to use a “confirm” message to encourage your partners and prospects to white list you.)
  2. Use benefit-oriented “Subject” lines. Aren’t you more likely to open an email with a title that makes something easier, cheaper, more fun, or more appealing for you? A generic subject line like “ABC Animal Shelter Newsletter” is simply boring. To busy recipients, recurrent subject lines are “same old, same old.” Readers are lured with what’s in it for them, such as, “This Saturday, adopt a pet at no cost.”
  3. Target your content. What about your topic rouses your reader’s curiosity or interest? What do they need? What helpful ideas or tips can you provide that are meaningful to this particular audience? Valuable content earns receivers’ trust. Know what your readers like, want, or need. When you focus on serving your audience and meeting their needs rather than yours, they’ll click “open” more often.

Read more about effective email copywriting and boosting your open rate. And get more fun tips and tricks from our Writing Emails Pinterest board.

Top Writing Tip for Email Subject Lines

Simple truth: people don’t like to be “sold.” (Do you?) When it comes to writing your email subject line, use your email subject lines to tell – not sell.

Tip: Tell the reader to take a particular action

One of the best ways to tell – not sell – is to ask the reader to take a particular action. That approach moves the focus off of you, your product, or your cause. The topic now sits squarely on meeting the reader’s needs.

Use your subject line to invite the reader to take a simple step. Readers are able to get their minds around one concrete task they need to do, such as “Act now to receive our free report” or “Sign up today for our 5K benefit run.”

Tangible commands over intangible concepts are easier for readers to understand.

Get more helpful Email Subject Line Do’s and Don’ts here.

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Finally ... A Wise Word

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