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[Word Wise] A Simple and Quick Business Plan Writing Tip
June 13, 2016

Writing Tips to Help Busy People Get More Done

Volume 12, Number 12: Issue #120 ... ISSN: 1933-9690

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FEATURE: Simple and Quick Business Plan Writing Tip

If I had known this one business plan writing tip before I got started writing, it would have saved me a lot of time. And the business plans I’d written back them would have been stronger and would have had more clarity.

The tip is this: use facts. 

  • Use facts that are specific. Specific numbers, specific examples, and specific expert studies are some of your best friends when writing a business plan.
  • Use facts in each section of the plan. Use facts in each of the 7 elements of your business plan: the executive summary, needs statement, market analysis, program description, operational structure, marketing plan, financial plan, and of course the appendix. Use data to make the case for each element.
  • Use facts that demonstrate credibility. Cite facts from others who have implemented a similar idea. Do you have a prototype or model to follow? Indicate distinctives and note variables. What might impede your success? How can you overcome those obstacles? Your key players will ask those questions anyway.  You can save time, embarrassment, and setbacks by addressing those roadblocks upfront.

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